Configuring Parent Access Roles

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The Parent Module uses roles in order to grant access to information in the parent module.

The role's permissions are then assigned to a student which will dictate whether the Parent User has to access to that screen for their student in the Parent Module.

To modify a role, you do so via Parent Access>Setup>Roles>Modify Role.

Roles in the Parent Module control which screens parent and student users have access to - can see and use. Parent / Student Roles are listed and can be managed on the Parent Access>Setup>Roles screen

Role Maintenance

A role is applied to a student that a Parent User has access to.

The role consists of a set of permissions that simply give access to a screen or not.

Roles can be linked to specific schools so that students will inherit those permissions when they are added to a Parent User.

For instance, if a school did not want the discipline data of the elementary students to show up in the parent module, then a role for elementary schools could be setup which does not have the permission to view Discipline.

When an elementary school student is added to a parent's account, the permissions from the school's default role will be automatically applied to the student.

The administrator will not have to worry about micromanaging permissions by school.

Roles can be linked to a school by checking off the school on the Parents>Setup>Roles>Modify Role screen and hitting save.

Once this is done, all students who are added will get the correct permissions for the parent module.

Types of Parent Roles

Roles are each targeted to a specific type of user.  There are five types:

  • GUARDIAN - Users who are associated with a student as a Guardian.  
  • STUDENT - Users who are themselves a student (i.e. linked to a single student).  
  • COUNSELOR - Users who are linked to the student as a Guidance Counselor.  
  • VP - Users who are linked to the student as their Vice Principal.  
  • PRINCIPAL - Users who are linked to the student as the principal of the school they attend.

Available Screens and Functional Areas

Roles are linked to the students on an account, not to the account itself.  

On a single account, different students may have different Roles attached.

Roles specify which screens and functions the user has access to with respect to the single student.

The Permissions

    • Student Summary - The home overview screen for a student. Shows basic info for a student including their current year schedule.
    • Assessments – View the student's Assessments screen
    • Athletic Eligibility
    • Attendance – View student's Daily Attendance Calendar for the year
    • Bus Information
    • Check Ins
    • Class Attendance – View students' Class Attendance in individual course sections.
    • Community Service
    • Conduct/Discipline – View a list of a Student's Discipline transactions for the year, if any exist.
    • Conferences - View and have the ability to schedule conferences for a student
    • Course Pages - View the available teacher Course Pages for a student
    • Documents – View the student's Document's screen
    • ESY Attendance 
    • Fees and Fine - View a list of a student's owed fees and fines
    • Forms – View the student's Forms screen and respond to questions.
    • Gradebook – Gain access to the teacher's Gradebook entries for students, if the student's teachers are using the Genesis Gradebook.
    • Grading – View the student's report card
    • Notify Attendance Office - View and have the ability to post absent/tardy notices to the school's Attendance Office
    • Release Requests
    • Scheduling – (NEXT YEAR) View information about the student's Next Year course requests and tentative course schedule.
    • School Calendar
    • School Directory
    • Message Center Setup - Access their own "parent preferences" screen (e.g. change password)

How to Attach a List of Students to a Role

A Role can be assigned to a list of students via Parent Access>Setup>Roles>Assign Roles.

Any parent accessing one of these students will see only those tabs allowed by the Role assigned to each student.

Procedure to Assign a Role to a Group of Students

  1. First, create a Student List with the students to whom you wish to assign a particular Role.
  2. Go to the *Parent Access>Setup>Roles>Assign Roles* screen
  3. Select the "role to assign"
  4. Select the student list containing the students to whom you wish to assign this Role.
  5. Click Assign . This assigns the selected Role to the students on the list.

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