Daily Attendance Codes

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Please refer to the NJ Attendance Register for info on how to set up your codes: http://www.state.nj.us/education/finance/register/

Daily Attendance Codes

The Attendance>Codes>Attendance Codes List screen display all codes available in your district.

"Daily Attendance" is a student's official attendance for the day.  From here, you can modify existing daily attendance codes (or add a new one, if necessary.

When you click to modify an attendance code, you will see different options such as:




Description of the attendance code



Parent Portal Code to Display

Background Color

Font Color

Attendance Code Value

** If the value is 0, this code WILL NOT be considered a Possible Day

Possible Day

Yes / No - If it is set to NO, it will NOT be considered a Possible Day

*See NJ Attendance Register for more info


Yes / No

Time Required

Yes/No: If set to "Yes", the user will be required to input a time.

Notification Scheme

Send notification and/or post to Parent Messages when attendance is changed to this attendance code and/or Send notification and/or post to Parent Messages when attendance is changed from this attendance code


If you mark an attendance code with both of these flags, the parent would get the "attendance code been changed to this code" message when the code is posted. And then if this code is changed to a different attendance code, they would get the "attendance code has been changed to from this code" message.

Genesis does not cancel the original message if the student's attendance code is changed. The system sends out a second message with the new attendance if the "Send notification and/or post to Parent Messages when attendance is changed from this attendance code" option is checked.

Assign User Flag

If you select a user flag in this drop down and save, that user flag will be automatically given to a student when the attendance is posted. If you change the attendance code for the student, it will be removed when the attendance is posted. The flag will only be created or removed from the student if the attendance that is being posted is for the current day.

If an attendance code that requires a flag is posted for a future date, the nightly System Utility Task will take care of that. Each night when the task runs, it will analyze student's attendance for the day. If it finds that a
 student has the attendance code for that day, it will make sure the student has the user flag that is tied to the attendance. If the student does not have the attendance code but has the user flag, it will remove the flag because the student does not qualify for it based on the attendance code.

Available to School

You can select a code per school, if needed.

Attendance Code Value is Applied When:



Excused Absence


Unexcused Absence


State Excused Absence

Yes/No - This is a new boolean property on Attendance Codes call "State Excused Absence". You will need to set this to YES for any local attendance codes you have setup that meet the state's definition of a State Excused Absence. 

Excused Tardy


Unexcused Tardy


Religious Holiday


Class Attendance Propagation options:



Overridable By HR Class Attendance

Set this to allow HR Class Attendance posting to override the Daily Attendance code

Class Attendance Code

Class Attendance code that gets posted during the time of Daily Attendance Posting

Class Code Pre Event

Class code that gets posted to all classes before the time of Daily Attendance Posting

Class Code Post Event

Class code that gets posted to all classes after the time of Daily Attendance Posting

Attendance Code Parameters:



Used in Letter Calc

Use for Teachers

Allows the Daily Attendance code to be used/updated by Teachers

Left School Early

Used for Autodialer

Allow the Daily Attendance code to be used in your autodialer

Used for Truancy

Attendance to Conduct

Only unexcused tardies or absences work in ATC

Is Virtual

This will mark the student's Attendance Daily as Virtual for the day. If you are using Rotating Bell Schedules with periods marked as virtual, or if you are marking the School Calendar with virtual days for Rotation Groups, then you will not need to mark students with Virtual Attendance Codes in order to record them as virtual. The system will do that automatically for you.

Is Half-Day Virtual

This will mark the student's Attendance Daily as a half-day virtual for njsmart purposes. Students will be given a .5 days virtual (shared time will be .25) despite the attendance value listed on this code. Having a half-day virtual attendance code posted on a student will not make that student Virtual in Genesis when filtering for virtual student's on screens or on forms. A code may not be marked both Virtual and Half-Day Virtual.

Attendance Check In options:



Used for Attendance Check In

Click here for the check in article

Prevents Student Check In


Select School for Attendance Code

We added the ability to select a school that a code is for. By default, all codes are for all schools.

To configure a code, go to the edit attendance or class attendance code screen and then click the "Select Schools for Attendance Code" button.

This will bring up a list of all schools in the district.

Uncheck any school that you no longer want to have access to the code. All Post Attendance screens will honor the schools associated with the codes.

Recalculating Attendance Codes

The Attendance>Codes>Maintenance allows you to recalculate any attendance code you may have changed.

On this screen, you will see a tool called "Recalculate Attendance Codes."

It is necessary to recalculate attendance code values if you have changed an attendance code value and attendance is presently being posted.

It will update each student attendance record with the newly edited value.

NOTE: Choosing to recalculate ALL Attendance Codes WILL take a long time to run! Make sure you select ONLY the code you have updated.

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