Daily Attendance FAQ

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Q: Our Attendance Letters are not working.

Review the query on the letter. If you just rolled over, make sure the school year field is now updated to the current school year, for example.

Q: How do I add a Daily Attendance Code?

You can add one via Attendance>Codes, using the "Add Daily Attendance Code" button.

You should also refer to the NJ Register to make sure the code is in line with what the State wants: http://www.state.nj.us/education/finance/register

Q: Teachers are unable to take attendance in their Gradebook. They see a <Class does not meet...> message. Why?

Places to check:

    • Calendar>Schools: check if cycle days have been applied
    • Setup>Schools>Modify School>Attendance Cycles: verify the start and end dates of your Marking Periods.
    • Does your district use Rotating Periods?  If so, verify the correct print periods are selected via Scheduling>Setup>Rotating Periods. If you recently changed your print periods, it is possible these were not also updated.

Q: Teachers cannot take HR Attendance. Why?

Places to check:

  • Verify the teacher has the correct HR # attached via Staff>Staff>Modify Staff>Schools.
  • If they do not, you can select an HR in the "Current Homeroom" field.
  • If the room number does not exist as an HR, changes can be made to rooms via Scheduling>Setup>Rooms by modifying the room number.
  • Verify students are attached to their HR # via Student Data>Student List>Student Search by searching on the HR and/or via Student Data>Modify Student>Demographics>Required.
  • If they do not, mass HR updates can be made via Administration>Assignments>HR Assignments.

Q: Why isn't this room listed as an HR room?

IF the HR # does not exist at all in the system:

  • room numbers can be set as HRs via Scheduling>Setup>Rooms
  • add a room in and/or modify an existing room, and set "IS HOMEROOM" to YES.

Q: Can I post daily attendance en masse?

Yes, with a Student List, from Attendance>Daily>Mass Post.

Q: How do I create an Attendance Letter?

You create a letter from the Attendance>Letters>Add/Modify Letter screen.

Q: Why isn't a student appearing on a teacher's Attendance>HR Attendance screen?

There are a few reasons why this might be happening:

  • check that the student has that HR assigned via Student Data>Modify Student>Demographics>Required.
  • check that the student has daily attendance via Student Data>Modify Student>Attendance
  • If they do not, click the "There are no daily records for this student. Click here to fix." button.
  • If the above doesn't work, check if the student is marked as NON-PUBLIC via Student Data>Modify Student>Demographics>Categories - or - has "NO" in the "Use in State Reporting" field via Administration>Students>Fix Student Records screen.

Q: My teacher posted attendance, but they are not appearing on Report 1325 as posting attendance. Why?

Verify where they posted, specifically.  For them to show up as posting on Report 1325, they need to post via Attendance>HR Attendance.

If they post through Gradebook, it won't be reflected on Report 1325 but it will be reflected on Report 60810 Homeroom Attendance Posting Tracking.

Q: How do we set a code to be a 'state excused' code?

We added in a "State Excused Absence" flag on the Attendance>Codes>Modify Code tab.  You will need to set this to YES for any local attendance codes you have setup that meet the state's definition of a State Excused Absence. (If you are unsure which codes should be marked in this way, please review the NJ State Attendance Register.)

Q: I want to set up a Class Attendance to Daily Attendance propagation. Where do I start?

There are settings for HR Class Attendance to Daily Attendance on the school's Basic Params tab.

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