Creating Calendar Event Conferences

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Calendar Event Conferences:

  • These conferences are best suited for your Parent Teacher Conferences that are held and advertised by your school district a few times in the school year

  • This conference type can only be created en masse by an administrator with access to the Web Desk>Setup>Conference Setup Wizard

  • These conferences are directly linked to the School Calendar Events via: Calendar>School>Calendar Setup

  • Parents will see a "Schedule Conference for..." button on the Portal when you create "Calendar Event" conferences.

How to Mass Create Calendar Event Conferences

  1. Verify and/or Add a new calendar event to your school to use on this screen via Calendar>School>Calendar Setup

NOTE: If a Conference “Type” is not available when CREATING the event, go to Calendar>District>Calendar Setup>Event Type and add it in first. Then go back to the prior screen and continue. Reconcile attendance for each school that you created a Calendar Event for via Calendar>Setup.

  1. Go to Web Desk>Setup>Conference Setup Wizard
    • Select either: 
      • Assign a staff member
      • Select a department
      • Select a staff list
  2. For Calendar Event Conference, you MUST use the “Calendar Event” selection for the “What date(s) would you like to create the conferences for?” question.
  3. Fill out all required parameters - make sure that you set the conferences to “SHOW IN THE PARENT PORTAL” if you want the parents to see it. 
    • Fields you can enter: 
      • What time will the conferences start? Ex. 8:00
      • What is the reason?
      • What is the location?
      • Enter the subject for the conferences?
      • How long will each conference last?
      • What is the time between conferences?
      • How many conferences should be scheduled for each date?
      • Show these conferences in the Parent's Module?
  4. Click 'Preview Conferences' to see how your conferences are going to look in the 'Conference Preview Window'
  5. When ready -  click 'Create Conferences'

Modifying the Conferences You Just Created

If you need to delete the conference run you just created so that you can re-do them, you must navigate to the Webdesk>Setup>Conference Tracking tab.

You can select the specific run in the "Conference Creation Run" dropdown. After you select it, you can click the trash can to the right.

On that same screen, you can review the conferences and see how they were created (in the light blue box.)  You can also toggle the "Parents" checkbox on and off (to make it display/not display in the parent portal.)

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