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State ID Numbers for Staff

The SMID or StaffMemberIdentifier field for NJ Smart represents the staff member's State ID (8-digits). This article explains how to maintain staff state ID numbers in Genesis, and import the SMID file from NJ Smart.

If instead you are looking to extract the SMID Management file for the NJ Smart submission, you must run report #500001 within Genesis.

Whose LocalStaffIdentifier number is in the SMID File?

In most cases, the 'LocalStaffIdentifier' field in your SMID file (already submitted to NJ Smart) was generated by your Human Resources / Payroll vendor. If this is the case, then that ID is most likely NOT the same as the teacher ID's in Genesis (Teacher ID field).

To assist with this, Genesis created a separate field Other ID specifically for storing this Payroll/HR ID number. Districts may use this ID number when importing/exporting staff members into/from Genesis, as opposed to using the Local ID number to match imported staff against staff records in Genesis. If the LocalStaffIdentifier in the SMID file is not the same as the Teacher ID In Genesis, then you can place the ID # from your HR/Payroll system into the Other ID field.

This field will be used when processing the imported SMID file, as well as when you download the SMID Management file extract for NJ Smart.

Here is a screenshot of a staff member's Demographics page:

If your staff members' ID numbers already match that of the ID numbers in your district's Payroll/HR system, you may skip to the following section.

Importing SMID Files into Genesis

Now that you have updated all of your staff in Genesis with the proper Payroll/HR id #, you can import the SMID file from the Staff>Staff>Import NJSMID screen.

Begin by downloading the SMID export file from your NJ Smart portal. Note: Export MUST be a .csv file!

What Staff Information can be updated using the Import?

Here is a list of the fields and data that are updated by the Import NJSMID tool: 

StaffMemberIdentifier, LastName, FirstName, MiddleName, Prefix, Suffix, FormerName, FullName, Gender, DateOfBirth, Race, Ethnicity, EmploymentStatus, EmploymentHistory, CertificationStatus, GiftedAndTalented, IncludeInNJSmart

Import Options

Simulate an import

This option will run the import process; but not actually save any data to Genesis.  It is highly recommended that you initially import the SMID file with this option turned on so that you can see exactly how and what data is going to be updated.

Update only the StaffMemberIdentifier

This option will tell the import to only update the SMID (State ID) field during the import process and ensure that no other fields on the Staff record in Genesis are changed.

The LocalStaffIdentifier column in the SMID is the Other ID in Genesis

This option tells the import process to locate the staff member in Genesis by the Other ID field instead of the Teacher ID field. Use this option if the Teacher ID fields in your Genesis system do NOT represent the LocalStaffIdentifier that should be reported to NJ Smart. 

When using Other ID option above, have importer create new Staff in Genesis if no staff member has LocalStaffIdentifier listed as Other ID or Teacher/Staff ID

If using the LocalStaffIdentifer in SMID is the Other ID in Genesis option above, then this option will tell Genesis to create NEW staff records if the staff member cannot be located in Genesis (based on their Other ID field).

Do NOT create new staff records in Genesis, only update what is in the SMID file

If this option is not set; any staff members in the SMID file that do not exist in Genesis will cause the import process to create a new entry in Genesis.  Check this option to make sure new staff members are not created in Genesis.

Construct full name field if Last Name or First Name are processed.

The Full Name field on the Staff record in Genesis is the 'display name' for the staff member throughout the system. By default, Genesis sets this field as Last Name, First Name. Check this option to allow Genesis to update the Full Name field in this manner (Recommended).

Automatically set all updated teachers to IncludeInNJSmart

If this option is checked, all Staff members that are updated by the import (listed in the file) will have their Include in NJ Smart box enabled (Recommended if all NJ Smart staff records are stored in Genesis). 

Column Specific Processing Options:

There are a set of options for the 6 demographic fields in the SMID file.  They are:

Process Data

If this not checked; then the column will be ignored during the process.  Un check this if you do not want the import process to update a specific field.

Init Cap

If this option is checked; then the data in the file will be converted to Proper Casing. Init. Capping is a function that converts text that is in all upper case to proper case.  For example if the last name field was "ZINN"; Init. Capping will convert it to Zinn before updating it in Genesis.

Do not process blank cells in the file

If this option is checked; then if the field is blank in the file; it will not be processed.  For example; you may have Prefix's in Genesis (Mr., Mrs. etc..); but the SMID file you are importing has this column empty. If you check this option, it will prevent the import routine from clearing out fields within Genesis.

Importing NJ-SMID file FAQ

How does Genesis process the Employment History information? 

Genesis will analyze the staff member's DistrictEmploymentBeginDate field in the imported SMID file. If this date matches the start date of the staff member's Employment History record within Genesis, that record will be updated (with any new information, such as exit date, exit reason, etc.). If the Employment Begin Date from the imported file does NOT match one of the staff member's existing Employment records, then a new one will be created for them in Genesis.

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