Preparing Staff Data (NJ Course Roster)

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Required Fields

Each staff member that is being reported in the Staff Course Submission must have at least the following fields filled in in their Genesis staff record:

  • Teacher ID (LSID)
  • State Id (SMID)
  • Include in NJSMART checked
  • *Other ID
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth

This data is managed on the staff record’s demographic tab in the Staff module (Staff>Staff>Modify Staff>Demographics.)

The following screen shot highlights each field that must be filled in:

NJSmart Submission Replacement ID*:

This field should be used ONLY IF you have duplicate staff objects created representing a single teacher in Genesis. 

By selecting a teacher from this fields drop down, you are telling Genesis to use the Selected Teachers information (ID, State ID, Name, etc.) when creating exports for the NJ Smart Course Submission.

Shared / Co Teachers

In Genesis, you can add multiple subsections to one section in Scheduling>Sections>Modify Section, and you can add as many teachers as necessary to indicate they are co-teaching one section together.

Both teachers would reported for that single section, unless you checked off "Exclude NJSmart" for their specific subsection.

If needed, you also have the option to create one staff ID that contains 2 staff members, tied together.

A shared/co-teacher is a staff record where the last name is a combination of two teacher’s last names. However, the method above is an easier process.

If using the shared teacher option, for the Staff Course Submission, you must update each ‘co-teacher’ staff record in Genesis with the Teacher IDs of all of the teachers that the co-teacher record represents.

For example, for a co-teacher of Adams/Barr, you must update the staff record of the ‘Adam/Barr’ co-teacher with the Teacher IDs of both Adams and Barr. This is done on the staff record’s demographics tab in the Staff module (Staff>Modify Staff Member>Demographics).

In the following screen shot, you can see 4 drop downs where you can specify which exact teacher ids this co teacher represents. Also highlighted is the last name where you can see the two last names separated by a /.

To help make this process easier; we added a button called “Try to automatically set the shared teachers”. Clicking this button will look for teachers whose last names exactly match one of the co-teacher names and set the fields to them. E.g. “Adams” matches Adams of ‘Adams/Barr’; “Barr” matches Barr of ‘Adams/Barr’.

It is important to verify that this process has picked the correct teacher in case you have multiple teachers with the same last name.

Historic Teachers

If you have a course section that was taught by multiple teachers during the school year, you may create historic teacher records on the Course Section by going to Scheduling>Sections and clicking on the section number.

This will open the Modify Section screen and allow you to add historic teachers. Click "Add Historic Teacher" and a pop up will appear.

You can then enter the teacher's name and the dates that they taught.

If you wish to add a Per Diem Substitute that should NOT be included in the course submission you may do so by adding a teacher that DOES NOT have the “Include in NJSMART” check box checked on their Staff record.

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