Mapping Course Codes to NCES SCED Codes

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All courses that are going to be submitted to NJSMART must be mapped to an NCES Course Code (and other fields). The NJ Smart SCED code list can be found on their site here.

Where can I update a course's SCED code?

You can update a SCED code by selecting the appropriate value in the "NCES SCED Code" dropdown on Scheduling>Curriculum>Modify Course.

Elementary Regular Courses PK-5

If you are intend to be submit the regular (not specials) Elementary School Teacher rosters (PK through Grade 5) using any of the 7303x codes; then you do not need to map their courses if you have a master schedule already constructed.

There is an option in the NJSMART Course Submission tab that will ignore regular elementary school teacher’s schedule; and export the entire class as a 7303x codes.

NCES Pre Secondary Course Code 73032 Grade 02: Code 73032 represents Grade 2 courses that are not differentiated by subject area—that is, instances in which students are enrolled in a grade-specified course and are taught various subjects throughout the day, rather than being enrolled in subject-specific courses. Specific course content depends upon state standards for grade 2.


The four NCES fields have been added to the Scheduling>Curriculum>Modify Course screen.

When modifying a course, the following fields are required:


You must choose the nearest course available in the drop down that describes your local course. Refer to the downloadable online PDF manuals at the beginning of this document for an in-depth description of each NCES Course.

NCES Grade Span

If the course earns credit (High School Course), leave this field blank. If not, put in the Grade Span of the course. If the course were for 6th graders; 0606 would be entered into this field. The codes are available in the NJSMART online documentation.

NCES Level/Rigor

The available options are:

  •  B = basic or remedial. A course focusing primarily on skills development, including literacy in language, mathematics, and the physical and social sciences. These courses are typically less rigorous than standard courses and may be intended to prepare a student for a general course.
  •  G = general or regular. A course providing instruction in a given subject area that focuses primarily on general concepts appropriate for the grade level. General courses typically meet the state’s or district’s expectations of scope and difficulty for mastery of the content
  •  E = enriched or advanced. A course that augments the content and/or rigor of a general course, but does not carry an honors designation.
  •  H = honors. An advanced level course designed for students who have earned honors status according to educational requirements.
  •  X=no specified level of rigor.

Genesis has already automatically set all courses in your school’s curriculum that had the Honors checkbox marked to an NCES Level/Rigor of H.

NCES Sequence

For most courses; this value should be 11. Genesis has already automatically set all courses in your schools’ curriculum to 11. For more information about this field, refer to the NJSMART online documentation on when it is appropriate to use other values here.

NOTE: NCES fields can be configured as required fields from the Scheduling>Curriculum>School Curriculum>Setup screen in Genesis

Q: Can SCED codes be transferred from last year's data to this year's?

A: There is a tool on Scheduling>Curriculum>Tools called "Copy NCES Fields to Next Year" that you can run from the prior year.

Make sure to check off "Only update next year course if SCED Code is blank (will not overwrite)" - it will just fill in any missing SCED codes and not overwrite any current data (should there be any.) There will also be a log so you can see exactly what it updated.

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