HIB Overview

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H.I.B. (Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying) Investigations may be tracked using the HIB Investigations page located within the Genesis Conduct module.

The purpose of the screen is to allow your district to track essential dates within the HIB investigative process as well as attach all of your associated documents (witness reports, investigation forms, reported results, etc) within the Genesis Student Information System. 

For HIB Conclusions Setup, click here. 


Viewing H.I.B. Investigations

When you click into the HIB Investigations tab, you will be brought to the HIB Investigation List screen.  

This screen allows you display your districts HIB Investigations by a number of configurable criteria. 

You may also choose to edit a particular incident, or delete the incident from the system entirely.

You can view/modify HIB Investigations via Conduct>HIB Investigations>HIB Investigation List.

The list of Incidents is headed by the most critical fields in the HIB reporting and investigation timeline.

They are:



HIB Incident ID / Case #

A local identifier for your HIB Incident

Verbally Reported

Date incident was verbally reported to school principal

Written Report

Date written report was submitted to school’s principal

Parents Alerted

Date of notification of incident to parents

Investigation Started

Date the investigation was started

Investigation Completed

Date the investigation was completed

Reported Superintendent

Date results of investigation reported to superintendent

Reported BOE

Date results of investigation reported to the Board of Education

Status is

Open/Closed field that allows you to filter out incidents you no longer need to track

Investigation Conclusion

Dropdown to select conclusion

Find by Field and Date

Additional way to search


Search Criteria

Starting in the upper left of the screen, the first two search criteria are for Victim ID and Offender ID.


Filling in a student id in these fields and hitting "Search for Incidents" will bring back a list of all Incidents where the student id was listed as a Victim or Offender.

The next set of search criteria is the "Find by Field and Date" section. To use this, you must select a value for each of the three fields. The field (Verbally Reported, Written Report, etc), the range (Day of, Month of, etc) and an actual date.

So if you selected, Verbally Reported as the field, Day of for the range, and 09/30 for the date and hit search, the results windows would show incidents where the Verbally Reported Date was eqaul to 09/30.

If you chose the range as Month of it would convert the date to September and bring back any incidents where the Verbally Reported date was in September.

The next set of criteria to chose from is the Show Incident Where: fields.

These allow you to narrow you results by whether or not a field has a value associated with that field. For example, you may wish to search for incidents where the Written Report field HAS NO value.

This would only show incidents where a date has not been filled in for Written Report.

You could then string this together with other fields to show incidents where Verbally Reported HAS a date bit Written Report  DOES NOT.

You can string together as many search criteria as you like query for the data you are looking for.

You may also choose to sort the results by any of the visible headers in either ascending or descending order.

Once satisfied you may choose to export your results to Excel using the excel icon located in the top right hand side of your screen.

The excel output will contain not only the header fields, but all additional fields and notes captured within the HIB Incident.

You may also choose to edit incident further by hitting the modify icon on the right hand side of the incident line.

Creating and Modifying an HIB Investigation

You can create a new HIB Investigation by clicking "Create HIB Investigation" on the Conduct>HIB Investigations tab:

What appears after you click the "Create HIB Investigation" button:

You will see all of the fields seen in the headers column from the List screen as well as a few additional fields of data. 

They are:



Incident Date

You may wish to capture the date an alleged incident took place


Here you can list one to many individuals considered victims in this HIB Incident.


Here you can list one to many individuals considered offenders in this HIB Incident.

Absolve - districts can use the "absolve" button if there are multiple offenders but maybe one offender did not meet the HIB Criteria. Absolved students are no longer considered offenders. They will remain attached to this HIB but not as an offender. This will not modify any conduct incidents attached to this HIB.

Reported By Whom

This field allows you to capture the name or description of the individual(s) who reported the incident

Report Submitted by Whom

This field allows you to capture the name or description of the individual(s) who submitted a written report to the principal

Investigated By

This field allows you to capture the name of the HIB Specialist who performed the investigation

Conclusion of Investigation

Dropdown options: Incident Fits HIB Definition, Inconclusive, No Evidence of HIB, or Incident Does Not Fit HIB Definition


Free form text area that allows you to capture notes through the lifespan of the HIB incident

Nature of HIB Incident

You may check off what categories, effects and/or modes apply as necessary.


This area allows you to capture and store all related documents for this HIB incident and investigation

Investigation Completed

Results Reported to BOE

Parental Request for hearing

Incident verbally reported to Principal

Written report submitted to Principal

Notification of Parents

Investigation Started

Results Reported to Superintendent

Results Reported to Parents

*You must have Document Management enabled on your Genesis system in order to attach documents to this incident.  

In addition, you must have created a document type that is marked as a HIB document.  

If you do not, you will not be able to view or add documents to the document area on the incident.  

Please contact your local Genesis administrator or the Genesis help desk for more info.


You can now attach Students, Staff, and non-Students to the HIB investigations, as well as the code of conduct incidents. They can all be added as victims and offenders.

HIB Investigations can be created as you create Conduct Incidents if you click the "Auto-generate" button:

Once created, you can click on the HIB # to bring you to the HIB Investigations screen:

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