Custom Reports: Conduct/Discipline

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The following are Example Reports that were created using the Genesis Report Writer.

You may Download any of the reports listed, Install them onto your Genesis, and Change/Edit as necessary.

PLEASE NOTE:    These reports were created by customers or Genesis support, and may not do exactly what your district needs, so please read the descriptions carefully. It is also important that you run tests to ensure it's producing the information and results needed. Some editing may be required for the report to work as you need it to, and you can make these changes using the Report Writer. If you are unfamiliar with writing reports in Genesis, it is strongly recommended you watch a Report Writer training video.

READ FIRST - How to install custom reports onto your Genesis System

Conduct/Discipline reports available for download:

Report InfoSample Output
Detention Checker Report - Download Report

This report lists students who have either zero discipline infractions with a detention in a time period, or students who have more than a selected number of detentions in the period. The default number of detentions in the period is 1. You choose the time period, whether you want students with or without detentions, and if with detentions, the minimum number. CUSTOMIZATION MAY BE REQUIRED: This report assumes an "Action Group Code" of "DET" to find detention actions. You may need to change this to the detention group code that your school uses. Examine your "Action Groups" before using this. It can also be customized to other sorts of detention actions. It makes heavy use of Expressions 

Created by: Genesis

Last updated: May 2023

Daily Detention Report with Unserved Detention Totals - Download Report

This report asks the user to select a date and then lists the students who are scheduled to serve detention on that date, along with totals for the student's unserved detention and total detentions as of the selected date and for the full year. Thus, it gives "students scheduled for detention today (or on a selected date)" along with detention totals for the listed students. It assumes the 'group code" for detentions is DET - you may need to edit the report to localize this code for your district (i.e. change it to whatever your district uses as the group code for "detentions")

Created by: Genesis

Last updated: May 2023

Infraction Totals Summary Report - Download Report

Lists all Infraction codes. Lists total instances of each Infraction Code, for the school year it is run. Includes totals for the district as well as the selected school. 

Created by: Greg

Last updated: March 2023

Student by Incident Count - Download Report

Select and list students by the number of current year Conduct incidents they have incurred, including students with no incidents.  Sort by name or incident count  or grade level and incident count.

Created by: Genesis
Last updated: May 2023
Student Discipline Totals Report - Download Report

Gives a count of all conference, detention, iss, and oss actions and action days for each student, includes as well an "expelled" indicator. Shows active as well as inactive students (optionally). Can show simply totals or, as shown in the example, a summary of each action. Students with no infractions are not shown.

Created by: Jan
Last updated: May 2024

Additional conduct reports are available for HIB Letters here: See Custom Reports: Forms & Letters

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