System Maintenance Task

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System Maintenance Task


The System Maintenance task works to improve the system by performing several system checks, removing incorrect data, and updating student data that hasn't already been cleaned up by the Student Maintenance task.  Below is a general outline of the task's nightly routine:

Functions of the System Maintenance

  • Performs various system checks
  • Update student document flags within the last 30 days. If a student document has been signed, and is triggered to enable a User Flag when signed, the appropriate user flag will be turned on for the student.
  • Adds location of "Unknown" to the Reunification module.
  • Deletes orphaned discipline actions.
  • Updates the 'Student MP Class Attendance' table with the latest attendance totals.
  • Recalculates BMI on student health screening records.
  • GenMessaging: removes subscriptions from users that do not have staff members assigned.
  • GenMessaging: cleans out users' GenMessage mailboxes based on user's settings for "Keep messages until 'X' days"
  • Ensures the full list of correct HIB and SSDS codes are present. 
  • Cleans out old open registration packages (more than 1 year ago) that have already been registered. 
  • Deletes next year assignments for students who were deleted from the system. 
  • Ensures Generic Codes required by the system are present.
  • Removes filters from Dynamic Student Lists if field no longer exists in the system.
  • Removes students from State Student Lists for students who were deleted from Genesis.
  • Clean up Unit Plan to Course Mappings. Deletes unit plans if course no longer exists.
  • Deletes assignment from Lesson Plans if assignment no longer exists in the Gradebook.
  • Updates user's email address based on attached staff member's email address. Only updates if 'staff represents user' checkbox is enabled, and the user and staff record have an exact name match. Will only overwrite user's e-mail address if the option on this task is enabled: "Overwrite user e-mail with staff e-mail".
  • Verifies links between Lesson Planner and Gradebooks.
  • Performs queued course changes in students' Schedule Change Queue.
  • Deletes queued parent messages if queued more than 1 year ago. 
  • Deletes queued parent Gradebook messages if queued more than 14 days ago.
  • Removes Lesson Pal records for users that no longer exist.
  • Publishes Course Pages from Gradebook.
  • Updates Daily Attendance codes to be available for All Schools if they are system codes.
  • Updates scheduling sections to be graded if course has "Graded Course" setting enabled.
  • Cleans out duplicate Lesson Plans.
  • Remove orphaned student-staff conferences.
  • Marks conduct incidents with a "Primary" infraction if no infractions are already marked as "Primary".
  • Adjusts student course's Start Date if school Attendance Cycle dates were changed.
  • Recalculates seat counts on Sections in Scheduling.
  • Deletes School Teacher records if District Teacher record does not exist.
  • Recalculates Attendance Registers.
  • Reconciles Attendance.
  • Compress yesterday's Log Files.
  • Updates row counts for Data Dictionary screen in Report Writer module.
  • Sync grade levels in Open Reg with the district's valid grade levels

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