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This integration allows for a closer connection between Genesis and Google Calendar. From Genesis, users can:

  • Sync events from Google into the 'Google' calendar in Genesis
  • Link calendars from Genesis into Google, the current types that can be linked are as follows:
    • Personal - Allows confirmed conferences to be sent to Google as well as any events created on the users personal calendar within Genesis. These are the only type of calendar that a user can manually link/unlink as personal calendars already exist in Google Calendar.
    • Sport - Any events created for a sport calendar linked to Google. Once a sport calendar is linked, anytime a coach or a student is added they will also be added to the calendar within Google, the same is applied when they're removed from the sport, they will be removed from the calendar within Google.
    • Registration - Each registrar will have their own registration calendar within Genesis, if this is linked to Google, anytime an appointment is submitted in Open Registration the primary guardian email will be added as an appointee within Google, and the event will be added.
  • If a Google Calendar is currently being 'Watched' from Genesis then anytime an event is updated, added, or deleted in Genesis we will be alerted and can automatically reach out to Google to fetch these changes
    • WARNING - Google states that these alerts may not always go out, calendar events can be synced manually from the admin pages, or from a users web desk if the click the Google Icon next to a linked calendar

Administratively you will be able to do the following:

Setup → Google → Google Calendar → Setup

  • Set the admin email that will be used for this integration (Same as Google Classroom)
    • All sport/registrar calendars will be created on this account in Google. This way any changes in coaches/registrars do affect access to the calendar if those google accounts were to be shut down or deleted for any reason. Registars/Coaches are instead given write access to these calendars to modify and create events on
  • Enable Google Calendar - this will allow calendars to be linked from Genesis to Google from the administrative google screens.
  • Enable For - the following options can only be selected once Google Calendar is enabled
    • Conferences - Allows created conferences to be attached to the staff selected in the 'Appointment With' field. Other staff and students added to the conference will also have the conference event appear on their calendars within Google, with them labeled as an 'Attendee'.
    • Open Reg - Enabling this will allow any package submitted in Open Registration by a parent with a valid appointment to appear on the associated registrar Google Calendar, in addition it will send the parent an email alerting them of the creation of the appointment with an iCal to add to the email calendar they use. The registrar calendar lives on the admin account, but any attached registrars are given access to it, additionally there is a registrar calendar per Registrar, if more than one teacher is attached to a registrar then they share that calendar
    • Sports - Enabling this will start auto adding coaches and students to the Google Calendar that is linked to their associated sport calendar. If a sport calendar is linked to google it will be created under the admin email set above. Coaches will be added to the calendar with 'write' access, students added to the sport are given access to it in Google Calendar as a 'reader'.
  • Notification Settings
    • The Google Calendar API allows us to tell Google when to send notifications for events, bypassing the notification daemon for any event added to a linked calendar and sending the email from Google instead of the Genesis email server

Setup → Google → Google Calendar → Google Calendars

  • Search all Google Calendars that are currently found from Genesis
  • Can find calendars from Google and pull them into Genesis
  • 'Watching' a calendar allows Google to send us alerts for when something has been updated in google and we can automatically query them for the changes

Setup → Google → Google Calendar → Genesis Calendars

  • All calendar types and calendars within Genesis can be managed/searched here
  • Being able to manage who has access to a calendar within Google. Adding/Removing users from Genesis, as well as adding/removing student access to a calendar for sports
  • Mass create calendars in Google from selected Genesis calendars, this will add any primary users such as Sport Coaches or Registrars for the appropriate calendar type
  • Send existing events from Genesis into Google that were created before the Google Calendar was created/linked
  • Remove any event from Google Calendar that was sent from Genesis
  • Unlink calendars from Google and either leave them up there, or remove them from Google
  • This page is the only place where the sport/registration calendars are linked/sent to Google Calendar

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