Creating and Assigning Fees

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Creating accounts

Go to the Payment>Accounts screen in Genesis.

Create an account for testing called TEST / Test Account using the "Add an Account" section at the bottom. See screen shot below:

Creating Fees

A fee in Genesis describes the fee that you are going to assign to individual students. Students are not asked to pay this fee until it is assigned.

Fees are created on the Payment>Fees screen. To create a fee - enter a description for the new fee at the bottom of the screen and click on the Add Fee button.

A fee is described by the following fields and options:

*Description:*A description of the fee. This is displayed on the parents module (and elsewhere).

Associated with School:*This field associates the fee with a school. This is nothing more than a description of which school (if any) this fee is generally for.

Account: Which account payments for this fee should be recorded to.

Fee Category: Categories from SETUP > CODES FEE_CATEGORY.  Fees assigned to categories will be grouped by category under a category heading in Parents Module

Activity or Sports Fee: Placing a value here automatically associates this fee with any Activity or Sport in Genesis marked as incurring a fee. The number value indicates the number of times a student may be charged for Activities or Sport teams.

Amount: This type specifies that the fee is exactly $400.00 (the dollar amount specified).

(Parent Sees) Amount: Amount of fee.

Due Date: Date in which the fee is due.  If you are suppressing info from parents in Parents Module due to a fine, fines with a due date in the future will not factor into suppression until due date is reached if the setting "Allow access to parent portal if fine due dates have not passed" is checked on Parents → Setup → Settings → District Settings → General Settings. Fees that have passed their due date will continue to show in Parents Module.

or Days Until Due: allows you to specify the when this fee is assigned to a student the due date will be set in X days.

Remove fee from student after it is due if set, this fee will remove itself form the student after the due date has passed. (requires that the Fee Publisher task is running and the removal of fees past their due dates is enabled)

Available in Parent Module From and Thru: Specify a date range which will display the fee to parents in that time window.

Information URL: When the description is displayed; a hyperlink to this URL will be displayed as well for more information about that fee.

Allow Partial Payments: If this is checked; the parent can pay the fee in installments of their choosing.

Optional Fee: If this is checked; this fee is not a required fee to pay and it will not affect showing a students report card if this fee is not paid.

Do not send fee to payment vendor: Will only if payment vendor integration is active

Click the SAVE button to save changes to this fee


"Create a Student List of all students assigned this fee" - If you have already assigned this fee to students, this link will allow you to create a student list with these students.

"Assign this fee to Students" - Allows you to assign the fee to a Student List or query IF you have not placed a value under Activity or Sports Fee.

If you have placed a value in Activity or Sports Fee: the action button will read as "Assign this fee to students who belong to sports or activities."  This will bring you to a screen with all students participating in Sports or Activities that incur a fee in Genesis.

"Remove this fee from Students who have not paid this fee" - This will remove the fee from students who were previously assigned the fee but have not yet paid it.

Assigning the Fee to students

At this point; the fee is not assigned to any students. To assign the fee; first you need to create a Student List from the Student Search screen that contains the students you would like to assign this free to.

Once the list is created; come back to the Payment>Fees tab; and click on the Assign this Fee to Students button.

You may assign a fee to students by either selecting a Student List or b7 entering a query.

Then, click the View Students and Publish Fee button. This will show you students who will be assigned the fee.

Then simply hit the Publish and Assign fee to students to assign the fee.

Remember, if the student has the fee already; that student will be skipped. If you have the Fee Publisher enabled, you may configure that to continuously publish this fee to any new students that become a part of the Student List or Query you have saved to the fee.

Make sure the 'Publish Non-Sport/Non-Activity Fees:' option is enabled on the Fee Publisher task.


Macro Name



Current school year

You can verify that the student has the fee by looking on the students Fees and Fines tab in Student Data (Student Data>Modify Student>Fees and Fines.)

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