Post Grades by Student

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The Gradebook>Post Grades>Post Grades by Student screen allows teachers to post grades for one student in all of the gradebooks that the student is in.

The primary purpose is for elementary schools where student's are in multiple courses for one teacher.

In order to have access to this screen, users will need a role with the gradebook.postgrades.students securable location.

This screen makes it easier and faster for a teacher to grade students.

Important Note:  This feature is only available for Elementary Schools that have reports installed in the GRADING module. The Advanced Skill Grading is not available if your school is using the Elementary Grading module. If that does not apply to your school, review this article on how to post grades instead.

Summary Screen

The summary screen will list all of the students who are in a class taught by the teacher.  

The teacher will also be shown the grading status of the student. In the above screen shot, the teacher sees 2 students that are in one or more of their gradebooks.

The Status column has 3 categories, Skills, Grades and Narrative.

Skills are the skills associated with the course while the Grades are the overall marking period grade that teacher gives.

The Narrative category refers to a narrative comment for the student.

If a course does not collect an overall marking period grade or narrative comment, those categories would not appear. 

The Skills and Grade categories shows the teacher if they have posted all of the necessary skill or grades for the student.  

If the teacher has posted a grade all of the skill grades, a green check mark will appear in this column.

If the teacher has not, a stop icon will appear with the number of skills yet to be graded.

The same is true for the Grade category.

Because the narrative comment is not required for all courses that a teacher has with the student, this is treated slightly differently.

If a narrative comment is found for any of the student's courses, then the green check mark will appear along with the number of narrative comments found for the student.

In order to begin grading the student, the teacher just has to click on the Book icon on the right side.

Student Grading Screen

The student grading screen is where the teacher enters grades for the students.  

All of the courses for the student will be listed on this screen along with all of the grades that need to be collected for the marking period.

The screen also shows the teacher if they need to collect any more grades for the student.

If they click on the icons in the status section, the teacher will be brought to the section of the screen where there is a missing grade.

Each course for the student will be shown going down the screen.

If your course collects an overall marking period grade, this will appear as the first item to be collected.

There is an Update button next to the field that will automatically populate the Grade field with the student's current marking period average in the gradebook.

Underneath the grade, all of the skills being graded for the course will be shown followed by an area where the teacher can enter a narrative comment for the student.    

After each course, there is a Post Grades button.  When any of these buttons are clicked, all of the grades for all of the courses are saved.  

Once a teacher has completed a student, they can navigate to the next student by using the student navigation selector on the top right of the screen.

This way they can quickly move through all of the student's in their classes.

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