Remote Attendance Calculation

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Does Genesis track a student's virtual/remote attendance?

Student remote vs. in-person status is now being tracked through attendance. You will see a new  icon as an indication of their virtual status. This icon appears throughout the system, but here we can see this on the student's Attendance screens:

For every school day, Genesis records whether a student is remote/virtual or else physically attending school.

Students have one record per every possible attendance date in the school year. Each of these records now have a "Virtual" status on them.

Each morning a "System Utility" task runs, and sets today's attendance as virtual/remote based on the student's remote status as of today.

How Genesis determines virtual/remote status

A student's virtual status and remote attendance totals for NJ Smart are calculated one of the following ways.

A Virtual Attendance code is posted to the student's daily attendance

The first way is if the student already has attendance posted for today, and the posted attendance code is marked as a "Is Virtual" code, then the student will always be recorded as virtual/remote regardless of any of data on the student.  You can view/modify your attendance code(s) via Attendance > Codes > Attendance Codes. The list of attendance codes will display the icon for any attendance codes with the Is Virtual setting enabled.  

Example of Attendance Code marked as Virtual

Virtual status can also be determined based on the School Calendar

The second way a student's Remote Status is determined is based off of the student's Rotation Group. Students in a Rotation Group are considered remote/virtual if the school's calendar is indicating their rotation group is one of the cohorts that are virtual, on any given day.

If you have "Virtual Rotation Groups may be set on Calendar Days" set on your school calendar (Calendar>School>Calendar), then Genesis will look at the today's calendar day to see which Rotation Groups are remote/virtual today.  In the below example you will see Rotation Group B is virtual on 9/1 and Rotation Group A is virtual on 9/2:

Virtual days derived from the school's Rotating Periods

Genesis can also determine the Remote Status based on your Rotation Periods (Scheduling > Setup > Rotating Periods). Each rotating period added will now have a "Virtual" checkbox, which is only available if the "Virtual Rotation Groups may be set on Calendar Days" setting on the school calendar is turned OFF. Districts should ONLY be using this method if students attend school in-person for a portion of the school day, and the remaining periods are attended remotely from home. 

The system will look at the Rotating Periods listed for today's cycle day, and for the student's grade level and assigned rotation group, then look to see if periods the student will be attending are marked as Virtual (see image below). In order for a student to be considered remote/virtual for the day, ALL of the periods listed for the day must be marked as Virtual.



Making manual adjustments as needed

To view and edit a students Virtual/Remote Status for any day, you may go to the student's Attendance > Attendance List screen.  

This will show you what Rotation Group and Remote Status a student was for each day up thru today (only).


Each morning during the System Utility daemon run, today's attendance is marked as virtual/remote based on the student's remote status. 

It is important to note that is will calculate for today only.  So switching a student's Rotation group today will not have an effect on the student's past attendance dailies. 

There is a tool in the Scheduling>Setup>Rotation Groups>Tools screen to mass update all student daily attendance based on today's Rotation Group.  Please contact Genesis Support before attempting to use this.


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