The Gradebook Home Screen

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There are a few screens that are featured under the Gradebook>Home tab

  • Gradebook>Home>Summary  - This screen shows you your list of Gradebooks, your daily schedule and allows you to edit your Gradebook names
  • Gradebook>Home>User Profile - This screen allows you to fill in some essential information that is needed by you in the Gradebook
  • Gradebook>Home>Email History - This screen shows you the emails your user has sent out 
  • Gradebook>Home>Course Pages - This screen is where you can edit and setup your Course Pages. These are simple web pages created in the Genesis Gradebook and are displayed on the Parent Portal
  • Gradebook>Home>Staff Directory - This screen shows you a listing of all staff in the currently selected school along with their email address and building phone extension
  • Gradebook>Home>Watch Lists - Displays students that meet a user defined grade criteria. Each gradebook is displayed separately.
  • Gradebook>Home>Teacher Referrals - This screen allows a teacher to create a discipline referral for any kid (aka kids not in one of their assigned courses.) If they do not see this new feature, an admin will need to add the "gradebook.home.discipline" securable location to one of their roles.


The Gradebook Summary Screen

The Gradebook Summary is designed to allow a you to get to your essential screens as quickly as possible.

  • On the left hand side of the screen, you can view every Gradebook that you have access to. 
  • Hide Gradebooks that you currently do not want to see by checking the check box to the left of the Gradebook you would like to hide, and then clicking the 'save courses button'
  • Rename Gradebooks by clicking the 'rename' button, typing in a new name, and clicking the 'save courses' button 
  • You can quickly pull up your Assignment Spreadsheet, the Class Roster and the Class Attendance screens by clicking on any of the appropriate icons.

  • The right hand side of the screen displays your schedule for today 
  • You can advance the schedule to show you any date in the future or the past by clicking on the 'Prev' or 'Next' buttons
  • The 'Att' column will display a color indicator when a teacher has posted their class attendance for a class 
  • Any class that is currently meeting will be highlighted
  • Check out the Gradebook FAQ if you have any problems with this schedule

The Gradebook User Profile Screen

The Gradebook>Home>User Profile screen controls some of the setup options for your user.

This is a listing of the options and how they affect the Gradebook.

  • Your Email Address- This is used as the return address for any emails that you send to parents or staff through the Gradebook.  
    • This is the only field here that is required in order to send out reports. By default, Genesis will try to grab your email from your User Account and will populate the field if it is found.
  • Signature - This is how your signature will be seen.
  • Phone and Ext. - This is your phone number at school.
  • URL - The URL of your website

Note: Once you have saved you email address, make sure to click the "Send test email to this address" link next to the email field. This will send your email account a test email to make sure it goes through successfully. This may take a few minutes. If you have any problems, please contact your Genesis Administrator.

  • Default Teacher - This is the default teacher that you come into the Gradebook as. In many cases, teachers are assigned to multiple teacher accounts. This will control who you want to be the default
  • Default Gradebook Screen - This is the default Gradebook tab that opens up when you come into the Gradebook
  • Gradebook Sort Order - Choose from a few different sort orders for your Gradebooks
  • Default Subject - This allows you to set a default set of standards to your Gradebooks
  • Lock Grades - This allows you to lock a particular marking period's grades from being added to or edited for any Gradebook

Gradebook Email History Screen

  • Shows your email history with relevant details and statuses

Gradebook Course Pages

Gradebook Staff Directory

  • You can sort by Department and Staff Type to help narrow your search
  • The Department pulls from Staff>Modify Staff>Schools field of 'Department'
  • The Email pulls from Staff>Modify Staff>Demographics  field of 'Email'
  • The Extension pulls from Staff>Modify Staff>Demographics field of 'Voice Mail'

Gradebook Teacher Referrals

This screen allows a teacher to create a discipline referral for any kid (aka kids not in one of the teacher's assigned courses.)

So, for example, if they need to write a discipline referral for a student in the hallway between classes etc the teacher can navigate to the Gradebook>Home>Teacher Referrals tab to do this

If the user do not see this semi-new feature, an admin will need to add the "gradebook.home.discipline" securable location to one of their roles.

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