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Q: I performed a summer withdrawal - but the student is still showing as active. Why?

A: If you are doing a summer withdrawal before you have performed the rollover with us, the student will still show as active.

They will be withdrawn/inactivated after you do the summer rollover with Genesis.

Key points in doing a summer withdrawal or transfer:

  • Make sure you select a date after the last day of the current school year and before the start of the coming school year.
  • Check off the "summer" transfer/withdrawal option
  • Do NOT check "Summer Withdrawal" or "Summer Transfer" for any student leaving before the end of the old school year, or any other time during a school year

Q: What is the difference between Registration>New Student and Registration>Pre-Register?


  • Current Year New Student Registration - A new student registers in the District for the first time to attend school in the current school year.
  • Pre-Registration for Next Year - A new student registers in the District for the first time to attend school in the next school year.

The main difference is that when you pre-register a student (Registration>Pre-register) you are entering the kid into a holding school and telling the system where they will be rolling into after the summer rollover task is performed.

You are telling Genesis where the student will be in September of next year.

So, if you know the student is starting next September, you would pre-register that student with a Next School and Next Grade of the school they will be attending in the next school year, after rollover.

When you use Registration>New Student, you are entering the student directly into your school.

Q: I'm trying to pre-register a student but I am getting this message:  "Pre-Registration School has not been setup with a 'Pre-Registration School' on the Setup.Schools.Modify screen. If you are trying to register a student into a pre-registration school, then switch the school at the top of the screen to the school that the student will be attending next year and try this screen again.  If you are still seeing this message, then contact your administrator."

A:  You are seeing this because you have selected your Pre-Reg school in the SCHOOL dropdown.  You need to select the school the student WILL BE ATTENDING next year.

After you make that selection, the Registration>Pre Reg screen will be available to use.

Q: We registered a pre-reg student, but they will no longer be coming to our district. How should we handle this?

A: It's mostly a district decision.  But we have 2 options available.

  • There is now a "Remove Student" button found on the Student Data>Modify Student>Tracking>Registration tab for students who are enrolled in PREG. This process will move the student into INACT and set the 'Enrollment Status' of the student to INACTIVE. This method may be used if you wish to preserve the student record rather than deleting the student from Genesis entirely. 
  • And you can always simply delete the student entirely via Admin>Student>Delete Student

Q: Student was Registered into the current year (under Registration>New Student) but should have been Registered for next year (Registration>Pre-Register) - how do we correct this?

A: Open the student’s record and make the change on the Student Data>Modify Student>Tracking>Registration tab.

On their Tracking>Registration screen, simply change the school to ‘Pre-registration School’ and click the Save button.

Alternately, you can always delete the student entirely via Admin>Student>Delete Student and then reenter the student all over again.

Q: Student was Pre-registered for Next Year (Registration>Pre-register) and should have been Registered for the current year (Registration>New Student). How do we fix this?

A: You should be able to Transfer the student out of the Pre-reg school and right into one of their in-district schools.

Proceed to the Registration>Transfer In District screen, look up the student sitting in the Pre-Registration School, and click Transfer.

Then, fill out the form as normal, fill in the in-district school they should be attending in the current school year, and the date should be their first day of attendance at that school.

On the student’s Tracking>Registration screen, they should just end up with one “Registration” transaction for the in-district school they were just transferred to.

Q: I am pre-registering a student - which grade level do I select in the "Next School" and "Next Grade" options?

A: When pre-registering students, their NEXT SCHOOL and NEXT GRADE must be where they will be this coming September.  So, for example, if it is the 16-17 school year currently, you are selecting the school they will be in immediately after the summer rollover for the 17-18 school year.  Make sure you select the correct values here.  A common issue clients have is that they set the Grade Level up top as where they will be in after the rollover, and set the Next School/Grade as where they will be 2 years from now, instead.  That is incorrect and will effectively cause your students to roll into the wrong grade level for the coming school year, and you will most likely be responsible for fixing your students.

Q: We are registering a student but it is telling us certain fields are required and we can't continue.  How do we resolve this?

A: Certain fields may always be required when registering within Genesis - but you can go to the Registration>Setup>Settings tab and the Registration>Setup>Set Visible/Required tab to review the settings. You can mark certain fields as required on those tabs.

Note: Certain fields will always be required - such as: SchoolCode, Birthdate, BirthGender, GradeLevel, CurrentProgramTypeCode, PccEntryCode, SpecEd, Ethnicity, Race, AttendingDistrictCode, FirstName, LastName, ClassOf, YearOfGraduation, HighSchoolEntryDate

Q: A student rolled into the incorrect grade level.  How can I fix this?

A: If you need to correct the grade level for a student, because they were erroneously entered into the wrong grade, you can go to Student Data>Modify Student>Tracking>Registration.

You can then change the Grade Level and PTC code, and then click the floppy disk icon to the right (to save your change.)

Q: Our district wants to use Open Registration. What is our Open Reg URL?

A: Please refer to our Open Reg articles.  All districts automatically have an "OpenReg" URL available to them. This is the URL that parents/guardians will use to complete the Open Registration data entry. This URL becomes active as soon as Open Registration is enabled on Registration→Open Reg→Setup . It is part of the basic Genesis implementation - you already have it if you'd like to use it.  Essentially, you remove the /sis and replace it with /openReg

Genesis ASP Customers Open Registration URLs: where "district-name" is replaced by your districts name. When Open Registration is enabled, this URL becomes live.

Open Registration URLs if you host your own In-House Server:
If you host your server within your district, your Open Registration URL will be your regular URL with "/openReg" tacked on the end. It will be available whenever Open Registration is enabled.

Q: I performed a withdrawal/transfer for a student but selected incorrect dates/codes.  How can I fix this?

A: You always have the option to delete the tracking record and re-withdraw the student using correct info.  On Student Data>Modify Student>Tracking>Registration, there will be a trash can to the right of the new record.  Click that to delete the record, then go back to Registration>Withdraw / Transfer, and re-do it.  Please note: you will only be able to delete the tracking record if there is more than one.  If there is just a single registration record, you will not be able to delete it. (If that's the case, you typically need to withdraw the student.)

Q: How do I enter a student who used to be at our school but withdrew years ago?

A: You need to locate them via Registration>Reentry and activate them in your school.  You should also do in the current school year (the school year the student is returning into) - do not switch the year back and try to reenter the student in a past year.  PLEASE NOTE: If they were withdrawn at any point, the student will most likely be in the "INACT" school in your system. Clear out the "Schools" field before searching for the student.  If you enter the student twice in your system, you will need to completely delete out the new student record, and reactivate the older record with correct start dates etc.

Q: Which report should I use to get information on students who have left?

A: If it's during the school year, report 1180 - Entered/Left should work out here. It is based off the ATTENDANCE_RECORDS2 data table - which is daily attendance.

If it's for students who left during summer etc - try report 31950 - Student Registration Report.

That report lists students based on the Registration date on the Students' Demographic page.

Q: How does Genesis calculate the "Class of" and "Year of Graduation" when registering a student?

A: The tool calculates the Class Of and Year of Graduation fields based on the selected grade level for the student.

We also added in an option "Show 'Calculate' tool for 'Class Of' during Registration" on the Setup > Districts > Master District Parameters to enable/disable the tool.

Q: How can I make 'US Entry Date' NOT REQUIRED on the Registration screens?

Uncheck "US Entry Date" as "Required" on the Registration>Setup>Set Visible/Required screen, and save.

And then, if needed, uncheck "Require 'US Entry Date' if Country of Birth is not United States" on the Registration>Setup>Settings screen.

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