Importing Standards from a Spreadsheet

Modified on Mon, Apr 17, 2023 at 2:29 PM

A new feature was added to import and export standards.

You can now import standards from a spreadsheet.

It is recommended that you download and examine an exiting Standard Set export file before attempting to upload a file on your own. You can check off "replace" to have it update the same standards set that was exported.


Standard sets that you import can be deleted from the Standards list page


There is now an export icon located on all Strand Sets. This export will create a single row for each CPI in the standards set and will include all information pertaining to it including the Content Area, Standard, Strand, Content Statements, etc.


You may now import Excel files based on the export file specs. A 'Create Blank Template File' is included to start a new file.

You will see this tool on the Standards>Setup>Standards page.

If importing using a new Set Code (one that does not currently appear in your Standards list), a new Standard set will be created.

If importing using an existing Set Code, that existing Standard Set will be updated/appended to only.

An option to overwrite/replace what is currently there is also available.

The 'Replace Mode' checkbox: If you are loading Standards into an existing Set Code, checking this off will result in the existing Standards in this Set Code to be deleted prior to import. If unchecked, the import will append/update into the existing Standards of this Set Code.

Sample Steps to Export a File and Import a File

  • Go to the Standards module and locate the set of standards in the list that contain the Standards set you need.
  • Click the Excel icon to the right of the standards set to download the entire set of standards into Excel.
  • Open the Excel file and determine which standards need revising.
  • The Strand/Content Statement can be updated (Column K)
  • The CPI/Description can be updated (Column L)
  • The Level 1 Name can be updated in Column E.
  • The Level 2 Name can be updated in Column H.
  • Save the file to your computer.
  • Return to the Standards module in Genesis. At the bottom of the page, there is a tool called "Import Standards from a Spreadsheet."  
    • Click the choose file button to locate the updated spreadsheet, then click "Import" to load them in. 
    • The "Replace Mode" will delete the standards set first before importing. If your spreadsheet only contains the subject that was being revised, do not use this option.
  • Use the Standards > Setup > Search screen to browse through the updated Standards to confirm the correct changes took place.

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