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How do I print out Transcripts en masse?

You do this via Transcripts>Print. Make selections in the various parameters and click "Run Transcripts."

You can do this with a student list, or by grade level.

Why do grades not appear next to some of the courses on a student's transcript?

If the course does not have the Graded Course flag set in the curriculum file; the grade will not print out. This flag can be located on the (Next Year) Scheduling>Curriculum>Modify Course screen.

I have loaded my transcript form but I still get a There are no Adobe PDF Forms Setup message. Why does this happen?

On the Transcript>Setup>Setup, there is an option called, "Show activities page?". If this is checked, Genesis will expect an Activities page to be loaded. This message will appear if one is not loaded. To fix this, uncheck the box, or load an Activities page.

I am trying to print my MP1 grades for the courses on my transcript but none of the actual courses are appearing on the transcript. What could be wrong?

On the Transcript>Setup>Setup, there is an option called, "Show courses without a Final Grade". Make sure this is set to Yes.

I have a macro that is not working. What are a couple of problems to look for?

One big problem is that it is simply spelled wrong. A good thing to do is to copy the macro text from this wiki and then paste it into the text box for your transcript. This will often fix the problem. Another potential goof is that their is a value in the ForGpa. This could even be a space. Just make sure that there is nothing in there and then the macro should start working.

Where do I update the DATE OF GRADUATION field for students so it will appear on the Transcript?

You may update this field for current 12th graders en masse via Administration>Assignments>Graduation Dates. Fill in the date up top, click "Update Students" and then click "Save" at the bottom of the screen.

You may also update en masse, using STUDENT LISTS, via Student Data>Mass Change. Select your student list, select "Graduation Date" as the Data Field, and then enter the Date in the "Select a Date" field, and click "Apply Changes."

You can also update this field for individual students from the Student Data>Modify Student>Demographics>Required screen by updating the "Date of Graduation" field and clicking "Save."

Can I copy a transcript to a different school?

Yes. Navigate to the Transcript>Setup screen of the school to copy the transcript from. Click to modify the Transcript template. Locate the “Copy This School's |NAME| Template Into Another School:” function at the bottom. Select the school you wish to copy the currently selected school’s transcript template to. Click Copy. This causes the “Verify Copy” dialog box to appear. Click OK to continue and copy the template. The transcript is copied to the selected school.  Click Cancel to abandon the copy operation. 

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