Staff Signatures

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Staff members may store a graphical image of their signature in Genesis in order to be used in Letters, Report Cards and Transcripts.

In order to save a signature, you user account must have a staff member associated that is marked with "Represents User". 

This is set when modifying a user from Setup>Security>Users.


Record Signature

Once this is set, a user will be able to create a signature by clicking on the Padlock icon on the top right of any Genesis screen.


After clicking the lock, a screen will pop up allowing you to set your password, screen preferences and signature.

Look for the Signature Setup box, and use the white area to draw your signature.

Click Update Signature to Save.

Your signature can then be used to sign-off on documents within the student's Signatures tab or within your Gradebook

Staff Signatures FAQ

Q: If we setup documents to require a staff member's signature, and a teacher was to sign off on a student's IEP through the Gradebook for example, are the teachers required to sign the document every school year?

A: Yes, a teacher who signs a document will also be required to sign the document in the following school year. Even if the document has not changed.

Q: Can signatures be displayed on documents sent home, such as Letters? 

A: For information on how to display the signature in Letters, Report Cards and Templates, visit the following pages:

Transcript Field Reference

Report Card Field Reference

Student Letters Macros

Attendance Letters Macros

Conduct Letter Macros

Request Letter Macros

Q: How do staff members sign off on IEPs?

A:  IEPs can be signed through Gradebook or via Student Data>Modify Student>Signatures.

For Signing in the Gradebook:

On the gradebook's main spreadsheet screen, each student who has a IEP, 504, or I&RS record that needs to signed will be highlighted.   On the screen, the teacher will also see an icon next to the student's name.  In order to sign the form for the student, the teacher just has to click the icon. 

Signing in Student Data

Some staff members, like counselors, will not have a gradebook to be able to sign the student forms. For these staff members, they should be given access to the Student Data>Modify Student>Signatures>Sign screen.  This will allow them to sign any IEP, 504, or I&RS for their students.  

Other Staff Signature Articles:

Signatures Overview 

Students' Signature Tab in Gradebook 

Requiring Teachers to Sign IEPs 

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