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The next item to be configured are the report card / interim report comments.

These are the comments that teachers can post with their grades, and appear on the report card.

Genesis supports only predefined comments in the Grading Module; meaning a teacher cannot enter free-form text; they must choose from a list.

One or more comments can be posted along with a grade.

For example: A Marking Period 2 grade, can have 3 comments associated with it.

Comment Categories

Comments are grouped together into categories; such as "interim report comments" and specific "marking period 2 comments".

At the very least; comments should be separated into two groups; one for interim reports and the other for report cards.

This can be done on the Grading>Setup>Comments>List Categories screen.


To create comments, go to the Grading>Setup>Comments List Comments screen.

Click on the Add Comment tab to enter a new comment.




A 2 or 3 digit unique code that the system will use internally to identify this comment. This code can and is sometimes printed on the report card.


A verbose description of the comment; such as "Attentive in Class"


A very short; (at most 2 word) description of the comment. This is sometimes used on report cards where space is very limited.

Alt. Lang. Description

If the school will be printing report cards in another language (usually Spanish); this field lets you enter a comment in that alternative language. This feature is covered more extensively in the report card section.

Narrative Comments

Narrative Comments can now be entered by teachers in the Grading Module in addition to the comments that can be entered from the drop-down table.

The report cards must have a pre-defined spot on the forms on which the narrative comments print which is a separate area from where the drop-down comments print.

In the narrative comment box that is set up on the form, the narrative comments posted for all courses will appear along with the name of the teacher who posted the comment.

Most likely, you will need to add a second page to the report cards specifically for the narrative comments.

The comments can be printed for the current marking period only or specific marking periods.

To enable the ability for teachers to input narrative comments, go to Setup>Schools.

Click into the school for which you are enabling the comments and go to the Valid Grades tab.

Under the Valid Grades tab under Setup>Schools, you will see a column entitled "Collects Narrative".

You can enable the ability to post a narrative comments for specific grade levels by checking the box next to the grade level.

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