Interim Reporting

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Interim Print Periods as Attendance Cycles

Each "Interim Grade Collection" has to be associated with an Attendance Cycle, usually titled an "Interim Report Period".

Each Interim Report Period has a "Start Date" that is the first day of the Marking Period in question, and an "End Date" that is roughly ½ way through the MP.

This is the time period on which the Interim are based, presumably.

To create an Attendance Cycle for an Interim Report Period:

  1. Go to Setup>Schools>School Parameters>Attendance Cycles
  2. Click on the "Add Cycle" tab
  3. Fill out the fields (see next page):
    1. The Code for the interim (e.g. "IR1")
    2. Name of the cycle (e.g. "Interim Report Period 1")
    3. Start date (start of MP)
    4. End date (date when Interims are due)
    5. Type – Select "Interim Report Period" as the Type.
    6. Sequence # (the usual 'where to put this in the list' number)
  4. Click Save.

Setup.Schools.School Parameters.Attendance Cycles.Add Cycle

Figure 1 – The Setup.Schools.School Parameters.Attendance Cycles.Add Cycle screen illustrating the options in the "Type" field



Q: Can I post an Interim grade administratively as I do with Marking Period grades?

Yes - you should be able to do this via Student Data>Modify Student>Grades>Grades by selecting the Interim period in the "Marking Period" dropdown.


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