Student Grade Breakdown

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The Gradebook>Gradebook>Student>Grade Breakdown screen shows you how the Gradebook has calculated the Final Grade for the selected marking period.

This means that the screen will show different information based on the Grade Calculation Method that you selected in your Profile's Preferences.

The following screen shots and formulas tell you how the Gradebook will derive a Final Grade for a marking period.


All Formulas will add the Extra Credit Points that a student has achieved in a marking period. The Extra Credit points come from assignments that have been created with a Category of * Extra Credit *. The score of that assignment will be added to the student's average at the end of the equation.

Category Weighting Formula:

  • Category Scores: Category Average * (MP Weight / 100) = Category Score.
  • Marking Period Final Grade: ((Sum of Category Scores) * 100) / (Sum of Category Weights)).

Total Points Formula - With Assignment Count set to No:

  • (Earned Points / Attempted Points) * 100

Total Points Formula - With Assignment Count set to Yes:

  • (Sum of all assignments / Number of assignments)

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