Gradebook Roster Overview

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The Roster screen in Gradebook has two functions and two screens:

  • Gradebook>Roster>Student Roster - This is the default screen that you come into when you click on the Roster tab. Here, you are allowed to make updates to your student records.
  • Gradebook>Roster>Teacher Recommendations - This screen can be accessed by clicking on the "View Recommendations" link. On this screen you can make course recommendations for the next school year. This is something that is controlled by your district so you may or may not have access to this screen. 

Student Roster

Gradebook->Rosters->Regular View

This screen allows you to quickly and easily maintain your students

  • Gradebook ID - This is the ID that you use inside of your Gradebook. This ID is only viewed in YOUR Gradebook and will not anywhere else in the system. The Gradebook Student ID defaults to the ID on file with Central Office. However, you are allowed to change the ID to any value that you desire. For instance, if you have 10 students in your class and you would rather the ID's be 1 though 10, then you can manually change the ID's to the appropriate values. You can also do this automatically by entering a 1 in the top right field labeled "Starting Id Number" and then hit "Go". This will update all the ID's for you with greater ease.
  • Gradebook Name - This is the name of the student that you see in the Gradebook. This name is only viewed in YOUR Gradebook and will not anywhere else in the system. The Gradebook Student Name defaults to the Name on file with Central Office.
  • Group - This is the Workgroup that this student is assigned to. Please see the Workgroups page for more information.
  • Accepted - The Gradebook always searches your student's schedule to see if a student has dropped, or been added to your class. When a student' status has changed, Gradebook will show either a "New" or "Dropped" message next to the student's name on the Assignment Spreadsheet screen. When you accept a student's status, the message will go away.
  • Show - All student's, whether they are active in class or not, are shown on the Assignment Spreadsheet screen. If you would like to not show some of your student's, then you can remove the check mark from the student.
  • Responsible Teacher - Allows shared Gradebook rosters to be divided up. By default all teachers in a Gradebook can access each student. The 'responsible teacher' can limit each student to being controlled by 1 of the teachers in the Gradebook 
    • Teachers will see only the students they are responsible for
    • Teachers can only take attendance and give assignment grades to students they are responsible for
    • Any student set to 'All Teachers' can be viewed by, have attendance take for, and grades given to by every teacher with access to the Gradebook

Teacher Recommendations

Gradebook>Rosters>Teacher Recommendations View

  • This screen allows you to make recommendations for your student's for the next school year. 
  • In order to access this screen, click on the "View Recommendations" link on the top of the screen.  
    • Please be aware that you may not have this ability. This feature may be disabled by your district.
    • Each school can specify how many recommendations are collected PER student PER teacher.
    • Additionally, certain courses may be set with a value to override the # of recommendations collected, for students within that course.
    • Let someone know if the information in the Next School column is not accurate for any student.
  1. Start with the first student, selecting a course from the dropdown in the Recommended Course column. 
  2. Courses will appear highlighted in Red if the student does not meet the course's pre-requisite requirements.
  3. Optionally, you can click Update All to select the same course for all students in your roster. 
  4. Optionally, you can fill in the Comments box with notes for the student's guidance counselor.
  5. Remember to always click Save Screen to save your changes before navigating to another screen or gradebook.

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