Gradebook Profile Workgroups

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Workgroups in the gradebook exist for you to be able to group students.

The workgroups that are created can be assigned to each student in the class, as well as to assignments.

This way, assignments can be given to one group doing one thing, while another group can be doing another.

For instance, Group A can be doing an experiment with electricity while students in Group B can be experimenting with magnets.

Two assignments can be created, one for Group A and the other for Group B.

When grading the assignments, you will see the proper students who should be graded for Group A and the proper student who should be graded for Group B.

Creating Work Groups

Gradebook->Profiles->Modify Profile->Workgroups

  • Create as many Work Groups as you like here
  • You can optionally assign colors to Work Groups. These colors get applied to assignments and students in the Work Group on the spreadsheet screen. Colors make it easier to spot which Work Group has what.

Assigning Students to a Work Group


  • Once your Work Groups have been created you will be able to assign students to them through the Gradebook Roster screen
  • Select the Work Group from the 'Grp' drop down for the desired student. Click the 'Save Screen' button to save your changes

Tying Assignments to Work Groups

Gradebook->Assignments->Add Assignment/Modify Assignment

  • When adding or modifying an assignment you will see a 'Group' field. This is where you pick which Work Group the assignment is for


  • You can view the student and assignment Work Group associations from the Gradebook Spreadsheet. In my example the use of colors makes it real easy to spot

Work Groups in Parent Portal

Optionally Work Groups can be used to limit the assignments that parents view in the parent portal 

**A District Admin user will be required to enable this option**

Parent Access->Setup->Settings->School Settings->Gradebook

  • If 'Show Group Assignments Only' option is used, the parents will only view assignments tied to their child's Work Group and assignments that are NOT tied to ANY Work Group (no Work Group means the assignments are for all students in the Gradebook)


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