Taking Attendance Through Gradebook

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Teachers can take attendance through Gradebook.

Spreadsheet Header Information

The header contains all the information that you are currently viewing. This is a listing of the various fields and how they affect the screen:



Teacher Name

Your user account can have access to different teacher's gradebooks. This drop down will contain all the teacher's whose gradebooks you can view. By switching the teacher, the Course drop down will be updated with the selected teacher's gradebooks.

Course Name

This drop down shows you the Gradebook that you are currently working in. If you switch this field, then the screen will be refreshed with the selected Gradebook's information.


By default, the active students are ordered alphabetically, followed by a listing of your dropped students, also listed alphabetically.

By clicking on any of the column headers (ID, Name, or Group (G)), you will resort the students by that field.

Genesis will keep that sort until you have changed the option or logged out of the Gradebook.

The actual student's who are shown on the screen is configured on the Gradebook Roster screen or on the Student Info screen.

If you do not have any Workgroups defined in your profile, then the Group (G) column will not appear.

There are several links here that we should briefly talk about here:



Plus Icon

By clicking on this icon, you will only display the selected student in larger cells.

"H" Column

By clicking on this column, you will highlight the student's entire row. By default, this cell color is green. However, if the student has a parent who has access to the Parents Module, then this cell will be white.

Student ID

If you're school permits you access, you will be brought to the students Address and Contact information.

Student Name

By clicking on a students name, you will be brought into the Gradebook Student Screens inside of the Gradebook.

Viewing the Attendance

The attendance lists every school day as defined by your school's calendar.

For each student, every day of attendance for the marking will appear color coded, according to the color codes set up by your school.

You can access the "Post Attendance" screen by clicking on any of the cells underneath a student.

Posting Attendance

Once you have clicked on the date that you wish to post attendance for, you will be brought to the Post Attendance screen.

If you have Workgroups set up, then you can filter the students by selecting a specific work group from the workgroup drop down at the top.

You can also switch the day that you want to take attendance for by switching the date field at the top.

This screen gives you some very important information. Here is a break down of the fields:




This is the student's ID.


This is the student's name.


This is the workgroup that the student is currently in. If you have no Workgroups set up in your profile, then this column will not appear.

Daily Attendance

This is the Daily Attendance that has been entered for this student. Daily codes are used for State reporting and are not maintained by you.


This will apply the Class Attendance code that has been tied to a Daily Attendance code. For instance, a district can tie the daily code of "Absent" to the class attendance code of "Absent". This means that if a student is marked absent by your schools office, you will only have to click the "Apply Default ()" link to update your student's with the correct code. The links between Daily and Class Attendance are optional to set up for a District.

Class Attendance

The Attendance code that you wish to give to your student. If the student already has attendance for this course, then the background of this cell will be the color of the code.


Some attendance codes require a time. IOf you select one of those codes, then a couple of text boxes will appear that ask for the time. Id a time is required, and you do not provide it, then the code will not be saved.


Gradebook Attendance FAQ

Question: When I try to take attendance for my class, I get a message that says 'Course does not meet today'. How can I fix this?
See the Class Attendance FAQ for answers to this question.

Question: I take attendance for one of my classes but the Post Attendance screen still says I have not posted. What could be wrong?
 A common cause of this is that the Gradebook is merged. If one of the merged courses Gradebooks has no students, this can cause the Gradebook to think that class attendance has not been taken in that course. A solution would be to break the merge or to make sure to post attendance in the course that actually has students.

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