Accessing Parent Form Data/Answers

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Accessing Form Data

Form Data is available to download from the Template itself, and is displayed on student's Student Data>Modify Student>Forms and Student Data>Modify Student>Medical>Forms screens.

Downloading Form Data 

Data is downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet by clicking the Excel icon for the Template:

There is no ability to view the data in the Parent>Forms area directly - however, it can be downloaded as a spreadsheet with a single row of data for each student the form has been published to.

Forms in Student Records

There are two "Forms" screens in student records:

  • Regular Forms (non-medical forms) - All forms are listed on the  Student Data>Modify Student>Forms screen.
  • Medical Form - Forms visible only to users who are linked to "Nurse Staff Members"  - All medical forms are listed on the Student Data>Modify Student>Medical>Forms screen.

Regular Forms Screen

The standard forms screen, Student Data>Modify Student>Forms, lists all forms published to this student. The list includes medical forms.

If the user is not linked to a Nurse staff member, they can see the listing for the medical form but cannot view its contents.

The screen contains current year forms for the student in the top section and all prior year forms in the bottom section:

Form Controls

The screen includes 3 controls for the student's forms:

  • Reset Form () - This button only appears for forms published to the student that have been responded to in the Parent/Student portal and currently contains data.   This clears data from the student's form, and "unfinalizes" it if it had been finalized.
  • Exempt Form () - This button only appears for forms published to the student which have not yet been responded to in the Parent/Student portal (i.e. contain no data).  This does not recall the form from the student, but indicates the form need not be filled in for the student.
  • Recall Form () - This recalls the published form from the student, removes all data, and "unpublishes" the form from this student.

Medical Forms Screen

Only Medical Forms are displayed on the Student Data>Modify Student>Medical>Forms screen: 

Note that the Reset, Recall, and Exempt controls do not appear on the Medical Forms screen.

Viewing Form Data

To view the form data for the student, click on the name of the form:

If the name is not a highlighted link, you do not have permission to view the form's data (e.g. "Nurse - Health Information - by Parents (Nurses Form)" in the above example.

The form data is displayed on the screen:

The data cannot be updated from this view - it is read-only.

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