Parent Forms Template List Screen

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Parent Forms Templates List Screen

The Parent Access>Forms>List screen is where all active Form "Templates" are listed:

A "Template" is a Parent Form definition.

This screen displays non-archived Form Templates by default.

The 'Filled' and 'Not Filled' counts for each of the forms are now links that will bring you to the Student Search Screen displaying the students who make up that count.

Archived Form Templates

"Archived Forms" are templates that are hidden by default so as not to clutter up this screen.  
The data remains in the system and remains available, but the forms are not displayed unless the "Show Archived Forms" checkbox is checked.

To archive a Form Template simply click the "Archive" button.  This will remove the Form Template from the list - unless "Show Archived Forms" is checked.

To unarchive, click "Unarchive" to the right of the Form.




Actions available for Templates include:

  • Export Form Template () - Export the form definition.  These can be imported into other instances of Genesis.  That is - you can send them to or get them from other districts that use Genesis. (The icon is a floppy disk!)
  • Export Form Data () - Export the data to Excel.
  • Delete Form Template () - Remove the Template - can only be done if it has not been published to students or has been recalled (and is not currently published).   The trash can icon will be missing if the form is published to students.
  • Copy Form Template () - Copy the Template.  Does not copy data. Simply copies the definition of the Form Template so you can modify it or use it to collect additional data.
  • Edit Template () - Modify the Form Template. Templates can only be modified if they have not been published to students.
  • Preview Form ()  - Displays how the Form questions will appear to the parent/student user.
  • Archive Template () - Hide the form from this List screen by default.  Archived forms can be located and retrieved by checking the "Show Archived Forms" checkbox.
  • Unarchive Template () - Return the form to "always visible" status.  Only appears when a Form Template has previously been archived and the "Show Archived Forms" checkbox is checked.
  • Copy Previous Year Answers () - If there is data in the Form Template in the previous school year, copy those answers into the current school year.  This button will be missing if the form is not currently published to students.

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