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Q: How are all my Parent Form templates handled during Summer Rollover?

A:  The setup of the Parent Form templates are copied to the following school year. The parents' answers are not.

Q: What happens to a published Form once our district rolls over to the next school year?

A:  You may perform Summer rollover even if a form is currently 'published' to the parents. When a published form is copied into the new school year, it is no longer published in the new year, and you will no longer see a 'Published On' date on the new version of the form. However, the form in the new school year can be Published once again, followed by using the tool "Copy Previous Year's Answers" so that any forms submitted prior to Summer rollover will be copied and stored on the form as it is in the new school year.

If for instance you published a Form while your district was in the 2018-19 school year still, that same Form will no longer be visible after the district rolls to the 2019-20 school year. However, the Form should still have been copied into the new year. What you would have to do is re-publish the Form again now that you are in a new school year, and the parents will then see it. After you re-publish the 19-20 version of the form, you have the option to copy over the previous year's answers, for any parents who have filled it out back when the district was still working in the 18-19 school year.

Q: Why did this parent not receive a FORM if they qualify for the query?

A: The places to check/verify if a Parent did not receive a form:

  • Is an actual account created/active via Parent Access>Setup>Users?  To see if any account is set up, it's best to search by the "student ID" associated with the contacts to see ANY accounts that may be connected to the kid etc.  If one does not exist, create one for the Parent.
  • Is "GUARDIAN" selected on the parent account, via Parent Access>Setup>Users>Modify, in the TYPE OF LOGON field?  If not, a form would not appear for the account.  Fill in the value and Save.  There is a tool to set this en masse via Parent Access>Maintenance.
  • Is "GUARDIAN 1" and/or "GUARDIAN 2" set in the "relationship" fields for the students via Parent Access>Setup>Users>Modify in the "Students attached to this account" area?  If not, the form will not appear for the account.  Fill in values and Save.  There is a tool to set this en masse via Parent Access>Maintenance.
  • Do they have a ROLE that has "Forms" checked off?  You can check this for the individual accounts in the "Students attached to this account" area mentioned above - click the "Show Role Info" button, and you will see which tabs are checked off for their ROLES.  If "Forms" is not checked off, they simply will not see the Form or the Forms tab.  Modify the Role via Parent Access>Setup>Roles.  Check off FORMS for the Role and Save. Then, they should be able to see the form.
  • Is the parent set as a GUARDIAN 2 for the students in the "Students attached to this account" area mentioned above?  Check the Form options via Parent Access>Forms>Modify>Template. If the "Guardian 1 Only. No other Guardian will see form" option is checked off, ONLY Guardian 1 accounts will be able to see the form.

Q: How do I publish the form to more than one school code at a time?

A: Make sure you use the operand IN and then list the school codes separated by a comma, with no spaces. Example below:

Q: This student/parent does not have internet access / cannot sign off / refuses to sign off - but our Forms are set to be LOCKED until they do.  Is there a workaround for this specific student?

A: Yes - we just added buttons for exempting, resetting, and recalling individual forms in the student's Forms Library.

The buttons require change rights to the new studentdata.modifystudent.forms.modify securable location.

You can do this via Student Data>Modify Student>Forms.

  • Exempt Form: This process will cause the form to be treated as if it had been submitted. This can be used to allow a user to access the parent portal despite not having submitted a required form.
  • Reset Form: This will reset this user's answers to a form.
  • Recall Form: This will recall the form entirely from the user.

Q: How can I post a (locked) form that parents and students need to sign off on?

You'll need to create 2 separate forms - one with "Visible to these types of Parent Module Users: Guardians" and "Lock all screens (other than forms) in Parents Module for Guardian User accounts until this form is completed" checked off for the GUARDIAN FORM. 

And one with "Visible to these types of Parent Module Users: Students" and "Lock all screens (other than forms) in Parents Module for Student User accounts until this form is completed" checked off for the STUDENT FORM.

Q: Do you have any Useful Forms we can import?

A:  Yes, a couple can be found here.

Q: Do athletic forms roll over?

A:  Sports, Physicals, and Athletic Release Forms (concussion, etc.) do not roll over, but they do have a school year on them. Because of this, you can add a 19-20 record while still in 18-19, and it will remain that way after rollover

Q: Can we prompt parents to upload a document within a Parent Access Form so we can gather additional documentation through the Parent Portal?

Yes. We added a new option. On the Parent Access>Forms>Templates>Modify Question tab, there is a New Question Response Type available called 'Document Upload Form'.

This response type prompts parent user for a document to upload. Parent may load multiple pages into the form if their document is saved in more than one singular file.

Once you select "Document Upload Form" as the 'Response Type,' it will enable another option where you must select from one of your Document Types that are labeled as 'used for student documents'.

You can review you Doc Types for this option via Doc Mgmt>Setup>Modify Document Type:

This is how it'll appear within the Forms tab for parents:

Q: Can we set up a DAILY FORM to gather info from parents each day? (For Covid-19.)

A:  Yes.  We added a new feature for this.   A video demonstration can be found here.

You may now make a Daily Form by check off the 'Daily Form' flag on a form template via Parent Access>Forms>Modify Form>Template. Setting a template as Daily does the following...

Once published, the form will 'reset' each day for a parent user. They will be able to fill it out anew each day. Even thought the form resets for the parent user, the daily data will be stored and available to you in Genesis. Please note that if you recall a daily form (without using the 'Retain submitted portal user answers' option) you will remove date from ALL days, not just today.

Daily forms only allow Basic Response Type questions (Text, Text Area, Drop downs, Checkboxes, Dates and Save Button).

New field, 'If form not submitted, give students this User Flag'. If this is set with a User Flag, then students will automatically receive that User Flag when the form is published. Once submitted it will be removed. In conjunction with this field is another field; 'If this is a Daily Form, DO NOT apply User Flag to students who are Virtual that day'. This may be used if you have set Virtual days on your Calendar or Bell Periods.

Q: What happens when the QUERY is changed on the form, AFTER it was published already? 

A:  Changing the query on the 'selection of students' tab will NOT cause the form to be un-published from students. This will only allow the form to publish to NEW students that qualify, based on the new query.


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