Getting Ready for Next Year Scheduling

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Steps to Begin Next Year Scheduling

Genesis can have two years worth of scheduling ongoing at any time: the current year and the next year.

Getting ready for Next Year Scheduling does require some setup.  

These pages will walk you through the initial setup for Next Year Scheduling.

The steps include:

  • Creating Start and End dates for the Next School Year (e.g. Start of School on 9/7/2019 and End of School on 6/21/2020).  These dates can always be fixed later.   
    • You must enter dates to get going. This is the very first step required to start Next Year Scheduling and nothing else can really take place before these dates are entered.   
    • Assigning start and end dates for next year creates the "next year schools list" - that is, it creates the "next year records" for each school.
  • Copying certain tables into "Next Year" so they can be updated and used for Next Year Scheduling.  To begin Next Year Scheduling some data must be in "Next Year".

    Data that should be copied includes: 
    • The School Curriculum or course catalog: The "CurriculumCourse" table is your course catalog. It is copied into next year so that you can add courses to be taught Next Year and deactivate or remove courses that will no longer be taught - without disturbing current year information.
    • Teacher Roster
    • Room List
    • Department List
    • Grade Levels - Grade levels available in a school are stored in a table. In order to know what grade levels are available in each school next year, the Grade Levels table has to be copied to next year.  
       This then allows you to assign students their "Next School" and "Next Grade" information.
    • Periods
  • Enabling the setting of "Next School, Next Grade" for Students - Before course requests can be entered for students, students must have their "Next School" and "Next Grade" assigned.  This process must be enabled as part of initialization for Next Year Scheduling.
  • Setting Next School, Next Grade information for students.

When these few steps are complete, you are ready to begin Student Requests and Teacher Recommendations.


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