Updating Grading Collections for the New School Year

Modified on Wed, Feb 21 at 9:39 AM

Each year, after you perform the rollover, you need to update the grading collections for all of your course sections in each school. This is in reference to these checkboxes found on the Scheduling>Sections screen:

This is a post rollover task to be completed by the district every year, for each school in the school district.

There is a wizard you can run to update this info en masse via Grading>Setup>Setup Guide for each of your schools. It will autofill in this information for you.

It is the "automatically assign collections to all subsections" wizard. Run it for each school, and this will be resolved (aside from some manual tweaking.)

The following tasks will automatically be performed when the next button is clicked:

  • All collections assigned to subsections will be removed.
  • For Each subsection, the appropriate MP (Marking Period) collections are assigned.
  • For Each subsection, all other collections are assigned.

When you click that, you'll have the option to confirm you want to mass auto-assign the collections first:

Alternately, you can go to Scheduling>Sections and do this same thing en masse.

Change the "VIEW" dropdown to "GRADING." And click SEARCH. You will see ALL of your sections, and for each Marking

Period column, you can check them off to be graded and hit "update" at the bottom of the screen.

This is what the wizard above is actually filling in, and this is where you can go to make manual modifications/tweaks as needed.  For example, if you need to just update a few course sections, you can do that via Scheduling>Sections.

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