Set Up Next Year Start and End Dates for District and Schools

Modified on Tue, Feb 20 at 3:07 PM

Setup next year district and school records

You need to set up preliminary start and end dates for your district and schools before opening up the other next year scheduling screens.

Before you perform the rollover with us, you will need to finalize these dates for accuracy, but before then, you can enter placeholder dates.

  1. Navigate to the Next Year Scheduling>Process Control screen.
  2. If this is the first time you have visited this screen, it will redirect you to Administration>Summer Rollover>Districts and Schools. That's okay because you must go there first!
    • If it does not redirect you there, go to that screen and verify the dates anyway.
  3. If you do not yet know the start and end dates for next year, use 9/1 and 6/30.  They can and should be confirmed on the day you perform the SUMMER ROLLOVER with us. 
    • You can change them later when you do know the dates! Preliminary dates just need to be in place for you to open up the next year scheduling screens.
  4. Enter the dates, and click save.
  5. After this is saved, you can go back to the Next Year Scheduling screens.


If you add a school to your district/system AFTER you've set this up, you will need to go back to Admin>Summer Rollover>District and Schools and add in start and end dates for the new school to use it for next year scheduling.

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