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What actually happens during the Promote and Transfer process during Summer Rollover? Here are the steps.

1. Copies the CURRENT YEAR Address, Contact Numbers, and Students tables into NEXT YEAR 

2. It then loops through every student in NEXT YEAR and perform the following logic:

If a student has Next Year Assignment (NYA) of grade level "PG" then

  • Student Lunch Pin is cleared and freed-up in system.
  • Graduated flag on student is set to TRUE
  • Student's withdrawal date is set to 1 day after CURRENT YEAR end of school date
  • Withdraw code is set to L for Seniors or code T4 for students in 8th grade.

Student School and Grade are set from Next Year Assignment (bottom of students Demographics.Required screen)- Note: These two fields are required for every student (excluding 'inactive' school) in order to process the Summer Rollover.

If NYA School is not INACT and the next grade level 12, then Date of Graduation is set to the new schools end date.

If student's current school is different from NYA School then:

  • Previous School code is set to Old School.
  • Original Entry in School set to New School's start date.
  • Counselor is removed from student.
  • Homeroom cleared from student.
  • PCC Entry code set to R2 (If student's previous school is prereg, then the entry code is not changed)
  • If Student is moving into 9th grade then High School Entry Date is set to NEW school start date.

Retained Flag: If Student who is in a school other than an INACT or PREREG or school without the "Allow Rollover to set Retained Flag..." option, who remains in the same grade level (Grade K-12), then the student's RETAIN flag set to TRUE in the NEW school year. Pre-K students are never set to retained, which includes students in these grade levels as well: 3H, 3F, 4F, 4H, 5F, 5H, PG, AD, DF, DH, A1, A2.

If Student is in same school in NEXT YEAR as NYA School, PCC ENTRY set to R1  

If Student is moving to a different school and the student has a home school filled in, the home school field will be changed to the student's new attending school.

Next Year Scheduling Team is applied. Only sets Scheduling Team in Next Year if it is populated. If blank, the student's Scheduling Team will be blank in the next school year.  

Home School will only be assigned during rollover if all of the following are true:

  1. Student already has a Home School assigned in the current year (prior to rollover)
  2. Student's Retain Home School on Rollover option is set to No  (Demographics > Categories)
  3. Student's Next School has Allow Rollover to set this School as Student Home School enabled on the school setup screen (in the next school year)

If Homeroom in NYA is blank, then Homeroom from Student's previous year (if in same school) is applied, unless the school has the option enabled: "In Rollover, always use next year homeroom even if it is blank" it will then clear the student's homeroom in NEXT YEAR. Otherwise, the room in "Next Home Room" field is always applied. 

If Counselor in NYA is blank, then Counselor from Student's previous year (if in same school) is applied, unless the school has the option enabled: "In Rollover, always use next year counselor even if it is blank" it will then clear the student's counselor in NEXT YEAR. Otherwise, the Counselor set in "Next Counselor" field is always applied.

PTC applied if student has "Next PTC" field populated. Or, if student's current PTC exists and it is mapped to a grade level in Setup > Districts > Valid Grades. Student PTC code will be the same if it is a special ed PTC code type. Genesis gets PTC from Grade Level mapping. 

Student Homebound Status set to NO.

Students Enrollment Record and Daily Attendance records are created in the new school year.

The "Never include Students from these Collections" checkboxes via Student Data>Modify Student>NJ Smart>Settings now roll over.

3. How Genesis  handles the various Tracking Records:

With a few exceptions listed below, all tracking records will roll over, but ONLY if the record was active on last day of the previous school year (it was not exited out).

  • AlternateEdProgramTracking – new record starting 1st day of school.
  • BasicSkillsTracking – creates new record in new school year. Retains original Start Date.
  • ESLLEPTracking – Rolls from PRE to <, < to 1, 1 to 2, 2, to 3. F codes are calculated based on the NJELLStatus field in the NJSmart Assessment Registration Handbook.
  • CostOfServiceTracking - Does NOT rollover.
  • IEP and Evaluations - Does NOT need to rollover.  These tracking records do not contain a school year.  They are 365.
  • I&RS Tracking - Does NOT rollover. These tracking records do not contain a school year. Original start date is retained.
  • HomeboundTracking - Does NOT rollover. Blank end dates will allow the homebound status to extend until the end of the CURRENT school year. However, Homebound Tracking records will NEVER roll over during the Summer.
  • HomelessTracking - creates new record in new school year. Retains original Start Date.
  • LunchTracking – creates a new record that retains start date of original record and ends 30 OPERATING days after first day of school
  • MedicationTracking – does not rollover
  • ResidentDistrictTracking – new record starting first day of school.  If student's Next Resident CDS field is populated, this will force the student into that Resident district/school. Resident School Code will be changed according to students Next School if the following is true: Student's Next Resident CDS field is blank, students current Resident District Tracking District and School are the same as the Current School student is attending, AND the NYA school is set to RolloverCanBeUsedAsResidentSchool=YES. Otherwise, Resident district/school will remain the same each year. 
  • SharedTimeTracking - new record starting 1st day of school.
  • SpecEdRelatedServiceTracking – record is copied from previous school.  Retains start date from last year.
  • Student504Tracking – does not rollover.
  • Student Bus Assignments: If a student is staying in the same school, then the student's bus assignment will be copied over to the following school year. Any student moving to a new school will not have any of their previous year bus information copied to the new year.
  • TuitionTracking - new record starting 1st day of school. Only creates the record if student's Next School is marked as 'Include in State Reporting'

4. How Genesis handles DISTRICT STAFF records:

District Teacher - Years in LEA, Years in NJ, and Prior Years Exp. are all increased by 1 year.

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