Configuring Teacher Recommendations

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Many schools may use Teacher Recommendations to help figure out which courses a student should take next year.

If this is the case for your school, continue reading below.

To enable Teacher Recommendations:

  • Go to the Next Year Scheduling>Process Control>Recommendation Setup screen.
  • Enable teacher's ability to recommend Next Year Courses for students (master switch) with the "Recommendation Screen Setup" dropdown.  
    • If set to "Allow teachers to make recommendations," this will allow teachers to make recommendations in their Gradebook.
  • Select the number of recommendations a teacher can make per student: 1 to 5. 5 is the upper limit.
  • Automatically turn the recommendations into actual Course Requests.
  • Specify which departments that can make Recommendations.
  • Click SAVE to store the selections.

The Teacher Recommendations section features fields that will be addressed here.



Recommendation Screen Setup

This field simply turns on and off the recommendation features inside of the teacher's Gradebook. Options: Allow Teachers to Make Recommendations, Read Only Access, and No Access to Recommendations Screen.

Number of recommendations a teacher can make per student

This dictates the number of recommendations a teacher may give to a student.

Automatically create requests based on teachers recommendations

The field will allow a request to be made for any recommendation inputted by the teacher. The request and the teacher recommendation can be viewed under Student Data - Modify Student - Next Year Requests - Make Request. If this field is set to No, then the recommendations can be viewed on the same screen

Create request for student's first recommendation only

Only allow recommendations for courses setup for student's next grade level

If set to Yes, only courses setup for the student's next grade level or courses with NO grade levels selected will be displayed in the recommendation dropdown.

Department - Can Make Recommendations

This field dictates which departments can post recommendations for there students. If a department is checked, then any course for that department can post recommendations. If a department is not checked, then any courses within the unchecked department will not have the ability to post recommendations

Department - Allow Recs by Subject

By default, the course drop down on the gradebook's recommendation screen will only contain courses within the department of the gradebook. By checking this, the dropdown will be expanded to other courses that have the same primary subject.

Limit Recs to 'Academic' Courses

If checked, teachers will only be able to choose courses marked as 'Academic' on the Curriculum Course in the given department. Course drop down on the gradebook's recommendation screen will only contain courses marked as 'Academic' courses.

For an teacher recommendations overview, click here.

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