Setting Next School and Next Grade for Students

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Set Next School and Next Grade

All students need a NEXT SCHOOL and NEXT GRADE in order to factor into next year scheduling.

That is where the student will be next year.

Please make sure the students are all assigned appropriately, for both the summer rollover AND next year scheduling.


1. First, enable the 'set next school, next grade' process via: Next Year Scheduling>Process Control>Processes.

NOTE: Enabling the task only allows users to then go on to the next steps and actually mass assign them. Nothing happens to students when you enable the process, it just allows a user to then assign to kids.

2. Be sure to double check the Grade Progression table to ensure it is setup properly FIRST via Student Data>Next School and Grade>Grade Progression. Each Grade and School needs to be setup to make sense - ie: 9th grade goes to 10th, Middle School goes to High School etc.

  • Students who are Graduating: Students in the highest grade level at your district should be assigned a 'Next School' of INACTIVE and a 'Next Grade' of PG (post-graduate). No matter what grade level, this is how Genesis will graduate students.
  • Students who are to be Retained: Students who are to repeat the same grade level next year must be manually assigned to have the same 'Next Grade' as they do currently. See below for information on making manual adjustments. 

3.  After you verify that data, you can go to the next tab of Student Data>Next School and Grade>Mass Assignments to actually MASS ASSIGN students' next year assignments. This screen will create next year assignments based on what is setup with the Grade Progression table described above.

4. Simply click 'Assign Students.' 

You can run this multiple times, as long as you do not have the overwrite option selected; it will not delete/overwrite what you setup previously for a student.

NOTE: Only check off “Overwrite Existing Assignments” if necessary – otherwise, it may undo manual adjustments users at your district have done.

5. After this is run, any small adjustments to be made can be done directly on the individual student's record via Student Data>Modify Student>Demographics>Required.

Steps to manually override an individual student's 'Next School' and 'Next Grade' fields:

  1. Go to the student's Student Data>Modify Student>Demographics>Required page. These two fields are at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Be sure to select the next school first, and then fill in the next grade level. 
  3. Click SAVE.

NOTE: You can also update individual's student's record on the Admin>Summer Rollover>Verify Assignments screen:



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