Pre-Rollover Checklist and Process Overview

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NOTE: Click here to download the FULL pre-rollover checklist guide

Click Here for an overview of the entire Summer Rollover Process

Pre-Rollover Setup Checklist (To be done by District)

Provide Genesis with the following:

  • Name and contact number of the District's rollover administrator
  • District Calendar (Start and End Dates)
  • School Calendar (if different than District Calendar)
  • Marking Period Start and End Dates (for each school)
  • Interim Start and End Dates (for each school, if applicable)

Verify Student Next Year Assignments and Adjust for Retained Students

All students must have a next school and grade assignment.

  • You can mass assign these via Student Data>Next School and Grade
  • Make sure you leave back your retained students by setting their next school and grade level to make them repeat the same school year
  • Adjust Retained Student’s Next School and Grade Level
  • Run Report 14141Student Assignment Report to verify that all students have a next school and grade assignment
  • Use Admin>Rollover>Verify Assignments screen to rectify any remaining school/grade issues prior to your rollover appointment.

Set Start and End Dates for District and Schools

The district and all schools needed for next year must have start and end dates.



Enable Maintenance Mode

This locks out all users who are NOT System Admins.

Inactivate Gradebooks and Lesson Planners (Must be done for Every School that uses either)

This will lock out teachers from using the Gradebook and the Lesson Planner.

  • Grade Book>School Setup>Maintenance>Gradebook Status - set the Gradebook Status to “Inactive for all Users.”
  • Lesson Planner>Setup>Admin Tools, set the ‘Lesson Planner is in 'Admin Mode' option to being ‘checked.'

    Note: you can also do this via Admin>Summer Rollover>Rollover Guide.

Inactivate Parent Portal

This will lock out the Parent and Student Accounts.

  • Parent Access >Setup>Settings>District Settings, set the "Parents module is currently available for" option to "No One."

    Note: you can also do this via Admin>Summer Rollover>Rollover Guide.





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