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This article is about the various options that exist on the Scheduling Subsection screens.

If you are looking for specific info on the Sections screens, click here.

If you are looking for specific info on the Curriculum screen, click here. 

Always show this teacher when printing:

The "Always show Teacher when Printing:" check box is used to force Genesis to show an additional subsection teacher on Student Schedules and Report Cards. 

(It is not necessary if only one teacher/subsection exists.)

Teacher names will be combined using the teachers' last names when displaying.  In order for this to happen, the subsections that the teachers are assigned to must have the same Semester, Days, and Period set.

For example in the section below, subsection 1 and 2 have the same Semester, Days, and Period set.  They also have the "Always show Teacher when Printing:" check box checked.

This means, anytime you look at a student schedule or report card, the teacher name will display as "Thomas/Smith".

This option can be found via Scheduling>Sections>Modify Section in the "Subsections" area.

The existence of "Always show Teacher when Printing:" will override the "Override RC teacher name with" field when printing report cards.  It will also remove the option from the page.

If "Always show Teacher when Printing:"  is set after a grade has been posted for a student, that grade will need to be re-posted before the new teacher name will appear on the report card.

Override RC Teacher Name

Next Year/Scheduling.Sections.Modify Subsection

The "Override RC teacher name with:" option will only appear on screen if the "Always show this teacher when printing:" is NOT checked.

This option is typically used if the school chooses to display a different teacher than the one assigned to the specific section itself on students' REPORT CARDS.

If it is left blank, the report card will simply use the teacher in the main teacher dropdown on the Subsection.

In the past, changing the value the of the "Override RC teacher name with:" field would not retroactively change the teacher for grades that have already been posted. Only grades that were posted going forward would have had this new value assigned.

Now, if you change the teacher in the "Override RC Teacher Name With" dropdown, you will be prompted to also update any posted grades automatically:

If you click "OK" in the pop-up - the grades that have already been posted for prior marking periods will have this new teacher selection displaying on the Report Card.

If you click "Cancel" - the grades will not be retroactively updated to have the new teacher selection on the report card.  Only grades that are posted going forward will have the new value assigned.

Exclude from NJSmart

Next Year/Scheduling.Sections.Modify Subsection

By default, all Subsections by default are included in the NJSmart Course Submission (so long as staff and course are setup to be collected).

Checking the "Exclude From NJSmart" check box, will automatically exclude the subsection from the NJSmart course roster collection.


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