Student Conduct Screen

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You can view, add, and/or modify incidents via Student Data>Modify Student>Conduct.

For the main Conduct setup articles, click here.

On the "List Incidents" subtab, you can see:

  • The date of the incident
  • The school and grade level for the incident
  • The time it was committed
  • The infraction type
  • The action types
  • The dates to serve
  • The severity level
  • The points applied
  • If it was set to display in the parent portal
  • If a letter was sent

You can also create a "Quick Letter" for the incident on this screen as well. You can view HIB Incidents as well.

Student Conduct Incidents Screen

You can view/add incidents and HIB incidents from the Student Data>Modify Student>Conduct screens.

The list here defaults to the student's Conduct incidents for the current school year.  

Optionally, it can show the student's list of Conduct incidents for all years in the school district.

NEW | 1/2/24
- The student's Total Points text box on the List Incidents screen has been removed. In order to reduce a student's
total points, there is a new "Create Reduction Incident" button that will appear if the student has more than 0 (Zero) points. You will also need an Action code and an Infraction code marked as the "Default Action for Auto Point Removal".
- The action codes and infraction codes can be changed from the Conduct -> Setup -> Conduct Codes screens.
- When the "Create Reduction Incident" button is clicked, the screen will ask the user for the total points to be
removed. Hit the "Update Student" button to create a new incident which will reduce the student's total points
by the amount specified.

Switching from the Current Year to All Years and Vice Versa

At the top of the screen there are controls for choosing the current view and for adjusting the student's current point total:

In the "Select Years" dropdown, you can select the year you need.

Generating Individual Conduct Letters

At the right side of each incident line there are three controls.  

The first is a "quick generate letter" control:

To generate a letter, select the desired letter template from the drop down list and click the PDF icon:

The list of Conduct letter templates is maintained on the Conduct>Letters>List of Letters screen.

Printing a Conduct Incident Report

To bring up a summary of the Incident, click the binoculars icon.

This displays an incident summary:

To print a report from the summary, use the Printer Icon at the upper right corner of the screen.  

This brings up a PDF version of the summary report:

Editing an Incident

To edit an incident, click the icon. This brings up the full blown "Edit Incident" screens in the Conduct Module itself, not the Student Data Module. The conduct module is found via Conduct>Incidents.

Deleting a Conduct Incident

Conduct Incidents cannot be removed from this screen.  To remove an incident, go to the Conduct>List Incidents>Incident List screen.  You can modify and delete from there.

Student New Conduct Incident Screen

This screen is designed to provide for the quick creation of a student misconduct incident.  

It cannot be used to capture all the information needed for a full EVVRS Incident report.

The Incidents generated here have the following limitations:

  • They can only be "MISCONDUCT" infractions.  They cannot be NJ EVVRS violations.
  • There can be one and only one Infraction code selected.  This cannot be used to specify multiple infraction codes.
  • There are no victims and only one Offender (the student whose record is open).
  • At most two Actions can be assigned.

Incidents created on this screen can have a single "misconduct" infraction code and up to two Actions.

Creating a Student Misconduct Incident

The following fields are required:

  • Date of the Incident - This defaults to "today".
  • Location - This is required but has no automatic default.   Locations are maintained in the INFRACTION_LOCATIONS Codes table on the Setup>Codes screen.
  • School - This defaults to the currently selected school in the screen header.
  • Infraction Code - This is the single Infraction that can be specified for this Incident.   The drop down contains the list of MISCONDUCT Conduct Infraction Codes defined on the Conduct>Setup>Conduct Codes>Infraction Codes screen.
  • Penalty Points must be filled in:  Set this to zero if you do not use Penalty Points.

Specifying Actions

Up to two Actions can be specified for the "misconduct" Conduct Incidents generated from this screen.    Actions Codes are listed on the Conduct>Setup>Conduct Codes>Action Codes screen.

When specifying an action, it is necessary to choose how many days of the Action the student must serve/be engaged in, along with the actual dates for the Actions.


Securable Locations for this screen: 

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