User Field Groups

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Overview of User Field Groups

User Fields allows you to group together a custom list of User Flags and User Text fields. Each created User Field Group

displays on its own page with its own title. This allows the creation of custom screen containing a more concise list of user flag/text fields, rather than displaying ALL district fields, such as the following: 

The above example shows how User Field Groups can create a custom screen for managing student devices. It contains a combination of various User Flag and User Text fields, including device model, serial number, internet permission, etc.

Each group created will add an extra tab within the student User Fields screen. 

You may set security on your created User Field Groups to limit users ability to see certain flags and texts.  This security will work within the new User Fields tab and also propagate to a student's Student Information Bar.

Before you Begin

The use of this feature requires the district to have User Flags and/or User Text fields in place already. For more information on User Flags/Text fields, please click here: User Flags and User Texts Overview

How to Create User Field Groups

Navigate to: Setup > Schools > Modify School > User Field Groups

This is the screen where the groups are managed:

Create the Group of Fields

Start by creating a group: click Add Group

Then assign the group a name, and click Create Group to finish

Next, add all of the User Text and User Flag fields to the group. Do this by clicking on the total number within the adjacent Text and Flag columns. A pop-up window will appear where you can check off all the ones to be included:

Check off all fields to be included, then click Save Fields when finished.

You can also set specific User Flags or User Texts to a newly created group from the Setup>Schools>Modify School>User Flags and/or User Texts screen:

Assign Role Permissions

Navigate to: Setup > Schools > Modify School > User Field Groups

By default, all users will have access to the newly created groups, as long as they can access the student User Fields tab already. These are users with the following location assigned to them: studentdata.modifystudent.userfields

This is denoted by the message All roles have access within the Security column on the setup screen. 

To restrict access to a group, click the message within the Security column to open the Role Access window:

Next, select the role in the dropdown and click Add. Repeat this step for each role of users that should have access. 

Then, check or uncheck Inquiry and Change next to each added role. Checking off only Inquiry will make the screen read-only for that set of users. Checking off both boxes will allow users to view and change information.

Click Save Security when finished updating the role access.

Please Note: User Field Groups are created separately for each school in the district

Using the User Fields tab

Once you have finished, you're ready to try out your new screen! Navigate to Student Data to look up a student, and then open their record to the User Fields tab. You can also try this with one of your users to ensure they have access. 

On the student's User Fields tab, you will be able to see the new group that was created. Click on the title of the group to open the 'fields' that were assigned to it:

PLEASE NOTE: When assigning users the student User Fields tab, we recommend removing access to both User Flags and User Text tabs, as this feature combines them into one screen.

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