How a User Flag Can Trigger a Genmessage Event

Modified on Thu, Apr 20, 2023 at 12:59 PM

User Flag Triggers GenMessage Creation


User Flags can trigger a "GenMessage" Event.   The GenMessage is delivered to the user's GenMessage mailbox and can further cause an email to be sent from Genesis to the subscribing user.

  • The "Enabled User Flag for Student" GenMessage Event must be turned on to allow subscriptions to it.
  • The user must subscribe to the "Enabled User Flag for Student" GenMessage Event.
  • The user's subscription must be configured to select the set of User Flags which will trigger the GenMessage to be sent.

A GenMessage SubScription for an "Enabled User Flag"

The "Enabled User Flag for Student" GenMessage Event can be enabled / turned on to allow subscriptions on the Setup→GenMessaging→Events screen.

  1. Go to Setup→GenMessaging→Events
  2. Locate the Enabled User Flag for Student Event.
  3. Click on the "# users" ( 30 Users) label to bring up the "Access" dialog.

The "Update User Access to Event" dialog controls which users can subscribe to the Event. It does itself create subscriptions.

System administrators (users with Role "sysadmin") always have access to all GenMessage Events.

For other users, to enable them to subscribe, check the checkbox next to their name and click the "Add Access" button.

Subscribing and Selecting User Flags to Track

  1. Step 1:  Locate the GenMessage and Subscribe to it 
    1. Go to your WebDesk->Setup→GenMessaging screen.
    2. Locate the ": GenMessage in the "Student" group of Events:
    3. Click the "Subscribe" button to subscribe to the Enabled User Flag for Student GenMessage Event.  The screen will refresh and then you will need to configure which flags you want the Event to be triggered for.
  2. Step 2: Configure & Select User Flags to trigger on:
    Once the user has subscribed to the Event, click the gear icon to bring up the "Subscription Options" panel for the selected Event.
  3. On the Subscription Options panel the user can select which User Flags a GenMessage should be triggered for - and specify which of the user's identities (as teacher, homeroom teacher, coach, counselor, etc.) students should be selected for.  All of the user's identify types will be listed - and only the identity types the current user has (E.g. "coach" will not be listed if the current user is not a "Coach"):
  4. Once the configuration has taken place, GenMessages will be sent to the user when a user flag that has been selected is turned on for one of the students associated with the user's checked identities.




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