School Scheduling Setup Screen

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Setup Scheduling Tab

--------------- New / Enhanced | 3/28/24

* Setup>Schools>Scheduling

- New "Show Classroom Aides in Subsection's Teacher drop down" option

- Classroom aides will not be available for subsection 1

- If a classroom aide is selected, they cannot be set as a print teacher and will always be excluded from NJ Smart

- Classroom aides will not be shown in teacher schedule reports

Some additional school-specific scheduling options can be found via Setup>Schools>Modify School>Scheduling.

Default ViewList, Block, View
When possible; show student schedules by Semester then Period
(Most screens show student schedules by period then semester)
On student's "List Schedule" screen, show ALL cycle days from master class schedule

For schools using Rotating Periods, the student's List Schedule screen will only show the course cycle days that the class is meeting according to the rotating period setup. If this is checked, the cycle days will now show all cycle days checked in the master class schedule.

This field only effects schools using Rotating Periods.

Show teacher email on Student Data -> Current Year Schedule screen

Hide bus information from print icon on Student Data.Current Year Scheduling screen

Bell Schedule Alternate Layout

Bell Schedule Layout by Print Period Conflicts
If using bell periods that overlap from-thru slots on given days then this option may be used to remove those overlapping bell periods that a student is not scheduled into. Otherwise courses will be duplicated in all bell periods that clash from thru slots. Will check clashes by Print Period only.
For Bell Schedule printouts, show word "Day" before Cycle Day (e.g. Day 1)

For Bell Schedule printouts, display the Print Period (defined on Bell Period)

Attempt to show courses scheduled in other schools on student Bell Schedule.

Use Subsection Descriptions

Show notes field on subsections in Sections screen

Highlight duplicate requests on Requests and Schedule Analyzer screens

Disable room conflict message on subsection screen

Allow Homeroom Sync for All Grade Levels in this school
By default, grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 cannot use the elementary homeroom sync functionality. If this is checked, all grades in this school will be able to use the HR sync.
Keep priority when converting requests that are electives
Selecting this option will carry elective priority to confirmed requests from parents requests.
Require priority level with parent requests

Do not allow parent requests to have duplicate priority levels

Max number of priority levels for parent requests:
This option will change the number of priority levels that a student can choose from when requesting courses. The default value for this option is 5.
Hide "Complete" schedule column from Next Year Scheduling

Show Classroom Aides in Subsection's Teacher drop down

Classroom aides will not be available for subsection 1.

If a classroom aide is selected, they cannot be set as a print teacher and will always be excluded from NJ Smart.

Classroom aides will not show up in teacher schedule reports.

(If you are looking for the main Scheduling article, please click here.)

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