Student Note Permissions

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Note Permissions

Student notes can be created and viewed on the Student Data>Modify Student>Notes screen.

If your school is using Note Permissions, only staff types who are selected to view the note will have access to it.  

When creating a note, a list of staff types will be displayed that you can check off in order to give that staff type permission to view the note.

For instance, if you only check the staff type "Counselor" on the note, then staff marked as counselors will be able to view the note.


For Schools that Do Not use Note Permissions

For schools that are NOT using Note Permissions, a user can only view the student notes if:

  • The user has the role of sysadmin.
  • The user has the location studentdata.modifystudent.notes.administrator in a role that is tied to their user account.
  • The user has the Staff ID which is stamped to the note as one of the staff members tied to their user account.

In order to help your users, you can create a set of default permissions for each staff member type (From the Staff.Staff.Modify Staff screen) in your school from the Setup>Schools>Params>Note Permissions screen.

For each staff type, you can selectively check off other staff types to be checked when a note is created.

For instance, if a teacher is creating a note, you can setup the default permissions for the note to allow both teachers and Counselors to be able to view the note.

When creating the note, Counselors and Teachers will be checked off by default, but other staff types will be allowed to be added to the note.

Notes with NO staff member type will be considered a public note that can be viewed by all Staff Types.

Understanding the Screen

The column on the left is all of the staff types available for your staff.  

Each row contains a Staff Type and then all the notes that it can be defaulted to.

Here's an example of what your setup may look like.

Let's take a look at each row in the above example and what it means when the staff are creating notes.  

The first row above is "Default 504 Coordinator access to".

This row will contain all the notes by staff type that a user with this type of staff will have access to by default.   

Here's what each row means:

  • For 504 Coordinators, they will be defaulted to view the note any time a 504 Coordinator or a Teacher create a note.
  • For Case Managers, they will be defaulted view the note any time a Case Manager or a Teacher create a note.
  • For Counselors, they will be defaulted to view the note any time a Case Manager, Counselor, Disciplinarian, or a Teacher create a note.

Please make sure to remember that these are just defaults.  

The user creating the note can make the note available to any staff that they need to see it.

Again, taking the above setup, a counselor could make a note that can be viewed by Principal's even though that staff type was not selected by the default selections.

Like wise, staff can remove a defaulted staff type from a note so that they will not have access to view the note.

Private Notes

If Note Permissions are setup in your school, then an additional option of a Private Note is available to the note creator.  If checked, this means that only sysadmin users, users with the studentdata.modifystudent.notes.administrator securable location or users attached the the staff member may view the note.  Any staff types tied to the note will be ignored if the note is private.

An example would be a note that is setup to be viewed by the Teachers staff type.  Teachers would normally be able to view that note, but if the note is marked as Private, they will no longer have access (Unless they qualify to view the note based on the criteria above).


* Setup -> Schools -> Note Permissions
- Added option, 'Make 'Category' mandatory when entering a new note'

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