Logging In as a Turnstile User and Checking-In Students

Modified on Mon, Jan 29 at 12:53 PM

Procedure to login as the Check-In User and Initiate Check-In

  1. Bring up a browser and navigate to your Genesis URL. Login as the new Check-in User.
  2. Check-In can now begin. You can also click the "Maximize Screen Size" control on the upper right to remove the Genesis header and only display the check-in area:

Procedure to Logoff as Check-In User

  1. If the screen is 'maximized', click the "Normal Screen Size" control on the upper right to redisplay the Genesis header.
  2. Click the Logoff icon in the upper right. This displays the "Confirm Logoff" dialog box:
  3. Click OK to logoff.

A Check-In User with no Event Setup

If no event has been configured for a check-in user, the Turnstile>Student Scanning screen will display the following message:

The Turnstile.Student ScanningScreen with "No Event Configured" message

To fix this, use a "Configuration User" to setup an Event for this check-in user.

Click here for info on Silent Print and Kiosk Mode


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