Turnstile Advance Check-In

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Turnstile Advance Check-In

Students and staff members can check-in in advance for an Event.  Advance Check-In is done on the Turnstile>Setup>Advance Check-In screen.

There are two types:

  1. Advance Check-In with time - This checks a student or staff member in for a specific time on a specific future date.  On that date, at that time, they appear as checked in.
  2. Advance Check-In with confirmation - When no time is specified on the selected future date, the person's arrival time at the event is recorded when they actually check-in on that date.  They are shown a green "Confirm Arrival" button.  Clicking "Confirm Arrival" checks them in at that time on that date.

For student check-ins, passes can optionally be generated.

The Advance Check-In Screen

The Advance Check-In screen contains the form shown below:

The "Event For", "Event", and "Date of Check-In" fields are required, as is either a student list or a single student's ID #.

The "Time of Check-In" field should be left blank if you will require the person/people to check in on the selected date to "confirm their arrival".

The Note field is entirely optional.

Confirming Arrival:  Checking in to an Event after Advance Check-In

When a student is checked into an Event in advance, with a blank time field, when the student shows up for the actual Event, and they try to check-in, they are shown a Confirm Arrival button instead of a "Check-In" button:

The Confirm Arrival places the actual time of arrival into the student's Event record.

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