Mass Adding Users to a Turnstile Event

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Mass Adding Users to a Turnstile Event

Using the "Mass Add Users to an Event" control at the top of the Turnstile>Setup>Turnstiles Templates  screen, it is possible to add multiple users to an Event at one time.

To mass add a group of users to a Turnstile Event, click the Mass Add User to Selected Turnstiles button.

This brings up the following dialog:

Fill in the three fields:

  • Select the Event
  • Select a School - Users who have the selected school for their "Home" school are eligible to be assigned, but they must also have the selected Role.
  • Select a Role - All users who have this Role will be assigned this Event.

Then click "Add Users".  All users who a) have the selected school as their 'home school' and b) have the selected Role as one of their Roles, will be assigned the Event.


When the action completes, a popup displays the number of users assigned to the selected Event, but not a list of those users:

What if a User is already assigned to another Event?

They will lose that assignment and only be assigned to the new Event.

A user can only be assigned to one Event at at time.

What is a User's "Home School"?

A user's "Home School", also called their "default School", is the school which is set in the "School" field of the "Default Options" area on the Modify User screen:

This is the Setup>Security>Users>Modify User screen.    You can see your own "default" or "Home" school by clicking the lock icon on any Genesis screen to bring up your 'user  information / user preferences' dialog:




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