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Questions Tab

The Questions tab of a Form Template lists the sections in the Form, and, within each Section, all of the questions that belong to that section of the Form.

Actions on this screen include:

  • Add a new Section to the Form Template
  • Update Section Name and Section "Seq" (or position within the Form).
  • Remove a Section
  • Copy a Section
  • Add a Question to a Section
  • Modify an Existing Question
  • Delete a Question
  • View a Preview of this Form


Working with Questions

Editing a Question

To edit a question, locate the question in the list within its section:

Click the edit icon to bring up the "Edit Question" version of the screen:

Delete a Question

To remove a question, locate the question in the list in its section:

Click the trashcan delete icon to completely remove the question.  There is no "undo": all deletes are permanent.


Add a Question

The bottom portion of each "Section" area contains a "New Question" function:

To add a new question, fill in the question text in the large text area/HTML editor, then select a "Response Type" from the drop down and click .  

This will create the question and open up the "Modify Question" dialog:

The Modify Dialog format depends on the "Response Type" of the new question.  Each response type has its own structure.

Working with Sections

Add a Section

To add a new section, click the button at the top of the Questions screen:

This immediately creates a new, empty section below the existing set of sections:

Fill in the section label, optionally update the "Sequence" number (if you wish to position the new section between two existing sections, for example), and click the "Add Section" button.

This immediately creates a new, empty section below the existing set of sections:

Remove a Section

To remove a section, locate the delete trashcan icon for the section:

When you click the trashcan icon for a section, a confirmation dialog is displayed asking you to verify that you want to remove the section:

Note that the name of the section is not shown anywhere. Be careful to make sure you have clicked the delete trashcan icon for the correct section, as there is no UNDO.

Click OK to remove the section.

Multi-Select Question Types

Multi-Select Questions

The Multi-Select Questions can optionally turn on a User Flag if a specified number of answers are selected.   If fewer than the specified number of answers are selected, the User Flag is NOT turned on.  For example, if 2 answers are required to turn on the user flag, but only one answer is selected, the user flag is not turned on.  If two answers are required but 4 are selected, the User Flag is turned on.

Multi Select Controls and Requirements

"Multi-Select" Response Type displays a list of checkbox options to the user.  The options are not contained in a custom list defined as part of the question itself, but must be placed in a locally created Generic Code Table.

The response can be linked to a user flag - and the User Flag can be configured to be turned on only if at least a specific number of the question's checkboxes are checked.

The "Number of Checked Answers to Qualify" field is what determines the minimum number of checks to trigger the User Flag being set.

The "Attach to User Flag" field specifies which User Flag will be triggered if the user's answer(s) qualify.

The "Question Set Option" field only appears if the selected User Flag is attached to more than one Question in the Parent Form.  It specifies whether answering any question that references the User Flag will causes it to be turned on, or if ALL references to the User Flag must qualify for it to be turned on.

Question Types

  • Basic Question Types 
    • None
    • Text - Can accept a simple textfield, or can populate a User Text Field, or use a User Text field to populate a drop down of options.
    • Textfield - A large rectangular text area.  Can accept an essentially unlimited amount of text.
    • Checkbox - A simple checkbox
    • Drop Down List - Drop down list or a set of checkboxes - Optionally populate a User Text field or multiple User Flag fields.
    • Date - A date chooser.
    • Multi-Select - Choose multiple items on a list.
  • Save Buttons
  • Populating Specific Fields of Student Records 
    • Health Related Fields 
      • Health Insurance Provider
      • Has Health Insurance
      • Report to NJ Family Care
    • Medical Fields 
      • Medical Conditions
    • Military Related Fields 
      • Military Connected Indicator
      • Military Affiliation
      • Military Exclusion
    • Athletic Forms 
      • Steroid Form
      • Concussion Form
      • Cardiac Form
      • Opioid Form
      • Opioid Video
      • District Sports Eligibility
      • 2 Year Test Form
    • Sports 
      • Sports Participation
      • Falls Sports Participation
      • Winter Sports Participation
      • Spring Sports Participation
      • Next Year Fall Sports Participation
    • Language 
      • Home Language
      • Primary Language
  • Links - Links to other tabs on a student's Parent Module set of tabs. 
    • Hyperlink to Parents Contacts Tab
    • Hyperlink to Parents Documents Tab
    • Hyperlink to Lunch Applications
    • Hyperlink to Student Schedule
    • Confirm Contacts on Condensed Contacts Screen
  • Vehicles 
    • Vehicle Form
  • Document 
    • Document Upload Form 
      • Newly added on 4/16/20 -  New Question Response Type available; 'Document Upload Form'. This response type prompts parent user for a document to upload. Parent may load multiple pages into form if their document is saved in more than one singular file



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