Mass Adding a Medical Note to a Group of Students

Modified on Tue, May 2, 2023 at 9:20 AM

Mass Adding a Medical Note to a Group of Students

It is possible to add a Medical Note to the Student Data>Student>Medical>Notes screen of a group of students.

There is a "Mass Add Medical Note" tool at the bottom of the Nurse>Setup>Maintenance screen:

Before you can add the Note, you must identify all the students you wish to add it to and collect them all on a single student list.

Procedure to Mass Add a Medical Note to Students on a Selected Student List

  1. Go to the Nurse->Setup->Maintenance screen and scroll to the very bottom.
  2. Locate the "Mass Add Medical Note" control (shown above).
  3. Select the Student List you have prepared.
  4. Enter a date for the Note.  There is no default (i.e. "today's date does not fill in automatically).
  5. Enter the Medical Note Text into the 'Text field.
  6. Optionally check the "Show on Medical History Form" to cause your Notes to print on the student's A45 form
  7. Click Add Note to add this Note to all the students on the selected Student List.

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