Using the Elementary Homeroom Sync Tool Before the Summer Rollover

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Step 1 – Preparing the Scheduling Files

Copy the tables from the Scheduling Module into the Next Year Scheduling Module via Next Year Scheduling>Process Control>Processes in Next Year Scheduling.

Next Year Scheduling>Process Control

  • Copy School Curriculum
  • Copy School Master Class Schedule
  • Copy Room List
  • Copy Department List
  • Set Next School, Next Grade
  • Copy Grade Levels
  • Copy Print Periods

Step 2 – Updating the Course Curriculum File

Update the Course Curriculum file by adding new courses for the upcoming school year, deleting or inactivating courses that will not be offered in the upcoming school year, and/or modifying data for the existing courses (NCES Scheduling Codes, Skill Group, Core Subject, etc.).

This is done from Next Year Scheduling>Curriculum>School Curriculum

Step 3 – Updating the Master Class Schedule

Update the Master Class Schedule by creating additional sections for the upcoming school year, deleting sections that will not be offered, and modifying data for the existing sections.

This is done from Next Year Scheduling>Sections

Review and Update the following information for each Section / Subsection:


  • Elementary HR – Select the homeroom attached to the Course Section.  The Course Section will be mass added to the schedule of all students assigned to the homeroom when the Sync Homeroom Feature is processed
  • Beginning Seats – Make sure the seats assigned to the section can accommodate the number of students assigned to the homeroom associated with the section.


  • Semester
  • Teacher
  • Cycle Days
  • Period
  • Room

Note: If a room is missing from the homeroom drop-down table or the room drop-down table, you must add the room to the Rooms File (Next Year Scheduling>Setup>Room).

If the room is a “homeroom”, you must have the “homeroom” parameter flagged for the room in the Room file. If a teacher is missing from the teacher drop-down table, you must add the teacher to the Staff File (Next Year Scheduling>Setup>Teachers).


Step 4 – Preparing the Students

The following fields should be updated for all students included in the Homeroom Sync Process:

  • Next School
  • Next Grade
  • Next Homeroom

These three fields are located in Student Data on the student’s Demographic>Required tab (Student Data>Modify Student>Demographics>Required.)

Updates can be made manually for individual students or can be mass assigned.

To mass assign the Next School/Next Grade fields, use the Student Data>Next School & Grade>Mass Assignments 

To mass assign the Next Homeroom field, create student lists and use the Mass Change task under Student Data>Mass Change.

Use the “Next Year Homeroom” field as the field to update.

Step 5 – Creating Student Schedules using the Homeroom Sync Feature

Once you have assigned homerooms to the sections you want to add to students and you have assigned students to their “Next Homeroom”, you can run the Homeroom Sync Tool.  

The system will place the students assigned to a specific “Next Homeroom” into the course sections assigned to the Elementary HR that matches the student’s “Next Homeroom”.

Next Year Scheduling>Mass Updates>Elem HR Sync

The sync can be run for a specific grade level or for a specific student list.  

The system will also allow you to exclude students from the process.

Once the schedules are created for students, the schedules can be accessed and modified for individual students under Student Data>Modify Student>Next Years Schedule

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