Students Individualized Health Plans Screen

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IHP - Individualized Health Plans

Students Individualized Health Plans Screen

The "IHP" screen (Student Data>Modify Student>Medical>IHP) in the student medical screen set provides a place to create and manage student individualized health plans.

This includes both active and expired plans, as determined by the Plan "Start" and "End" dates.  

In addition, there is a new IHP icon that is turned on when a plan exists for a student.

So, to trigger the icon, you'll need to add a record to the student. You add a record by clicking "Add Record."


Individualized Health Plan Built-In Icon

A new  built-in  Student Information Bar icon has been added to indicate that a student has an IHP:

This icon appears when an IHP is in force for the student.

The icon will appear in the Student Information Bar when there is a record added to the student. To add an IHP record, click "Add Record."

Icon Clickability

You can attach a document from one of the student's IHPs to the IHP icon.  

This makes the icon clickable and when clicked. It will either display or download the attached document (depending on the type of the document).

Components of Individualized Health Plans in Genesis

Individualized Health Plans in Genesis have the following elements:

  • Plan Name - Required name field.
  • Plan Developer - Automatically populated with the name of the user creating the plan - but editable.
  • Start Date - Required effective date.
  • End Date - Plan End Date - This is not required.  Plans without End Date run are in perpetual force (until such time as an End Date is supplied).
  • Optional Attached Documents - If Document Management is enabled for Individualized Health Plans (See IHP Setup), one or more documents can be optionally attached to each plan.
  • Five built-in plan text fields, all optional: 
    • Assessment Data
    • Diagnosis
    • Goals
    • Interventions
    • Outcomes

The five built-in fields are not configurable - all plans contain them and they can be populated or not, but they cannot  be turned off nor can their labels ("Assessment Data", "Diagnosis", "Goals", "Interventions", "Outcomes") be altered:

Active vs Inactive (Expired) Plans

Active IHPs are identified by a green checkbox in the "Active" column:

Plans are active unless an End Date is supplied, and that End Date is in the past:

Plans without an End Date will not expire (at least not until an End Date is supplied):

Expired plans are never removed and serve as the student's IHP history, but are of course no longer active:

The Empty IHP Screen

Before an Individualized Health Plan is created, the screen is empty (there is no default plan):

This simply indicates that a student has no Individualized Health Plans - and has had no previous plans.

Adding an Individualized Health Plan

To add an Individualized Health Plan, click the button on the Student Data>Modify Student>Medical>IHP tab.

Note: the built-in IHP icon will not appear until you actually add a record by clicking "Add Record" on the IHP tab for a kid.

This brings up a dialog where you enter basic information regarding the IHP:

If IHP Templates have been created for your district, the "Add IHP" dialog will include the ability to simply select one of the pre-existing IHP Templates:

The basic information includes: the name of the plan and its start and end dates.  

If you select a pre-existing template, the Plan Name field will initially be populated with the name of the template:

The "Developed By" field is automatically populated from your login information.   It is editable - you can change it, if desired.

The "Plan Name" and "Start Date" fields are required.  The End Date is not required and can remain blank.

Once the fields are filled in, click to actually create the Individualized Health Plan.

This adds the plan and brings up a dialog containing the empty Plan fields.  If you have selected a pre-existing IHP Template, the fields will be pre-populated with the text from the selected template.  

The format of all IHP plans is the same:

The plan fields are all simple text fields.

When you have finished editing the plan, click the button to save and close the plan.

This displays the new plan on the student's Student Data>Modify Student>Medical>IHP screen:

Editing IHP Fields

Individualized Health Plan fields are edited in two separate ways:

  • Basic Information fields Plan Name, Start Date and End Date are edited directly on the Student Data>Modify Student>Medical>IHP screen.
  • The five built-in content fields  ("Assessment Data", "Diagnosis", "Goals", "Interventions", "Outcomes") are edited by clicking the icon, which brings up the content field dialog.
  • The optional Plan document is attached or removed only directly on the Student Data>Modify Student>Medical>IHP screen. (See below).

Edit Basic Plan Fields

To update the basic plan  fields Plan Name, Start Date and End Date, make the changes directly on the Student Data>Modify Student>Medical>IHP screen, then click the  button.

This will save all changes on the screen.

Edit the Five Built-In Content Fields

To edit the five built-in Plan content fields, click the edit icon button.  

This will bring up the plan dialog:

Edit the fields as you desire, then click the  button to save your changes and close the dialog.  

The "Close" button simply closes the dialog without saving (any changes will be lost).

Multiple IHPs Allowed for Students

There is no limit to how many active (or inactive) IHPs a student can have:

Options for Multiple IHP Plans

If you have a student who has an IHP for each of several different conditions (e.g. diabetes, asthma, allergies, ...), you can manage in various ways:

  • Create a separate IHP for each condition
  • Create a single IHP and upload a separate 'plan document' for each condition to the single IHP
  • Some combination of those two.

Adding a Document to the IHP

An IHP can have a single attached document.  

This will only be available if Document Management has been configured specifically for IHPs.

Click here for the Doc Mgmt page.

To add a document to the IHP, click the  'Add Document' icon.  

This will bring up the "upload document" dialog:

Click "Choose File" to bring up the File Chooser.

Locate and select the file you wish to upload:

then click  to actually upload and attach the document to the IHP:

You can attach as many documents as necessary:  you are not limited to attaching only one:

Viewing Attached Files

To view an attached file, click its highlighted name ("Asthma Action Plan.doc").  

This will download the document to your system.  You can then view it.

Deleting Attached Files

An attached file can be removed from an IHP by clicking the delete trashcan icon next to the document:


Linking an Attached File to the IHP Icon - Making the IHP Icon Clickable

Click the  button.  This brings up the "Select Icon Document" dialog where you can choose which document to link to the IHP icon - or choose not to display any documents:

The dialog will list all documents attached to all IHPs the student has.  The default is always "Do not display a document" (the IHP icon will not be clickable).

To make the IHP icon clickable, select which document to display.  Only one document can be displayed.  You cannot link multiple documents to the IHP icon.

Once you have made your choice, click the  button to store your choice.  

If you selected a document, the student's IHP icon should now be clickable.

The selected document appears starred in the list of documents:

Printing an IHP

To print an IHP, click the PDF icon button.  This brings up a PDF view of the Basic Information fields and the five built-in content fields.  

The PDF will not include attached documents, which must be printed separately.

Setting Up Document Management for Individualized Health Plans

Document Management must be configured to work specifically with Individualized Health Plans before any documents can be uploaded to these plans.

Signatures and IHPs

We added the ability for staff to sign off for student IHPs. This can be activated on the Setup>Schools>Modify School (Click into the school)>Basic Params screen.

If your school is interesting in this feature, check off "Require staff signatures for student IHP's" on the Basic Params tab.

When that is checked off, the gradebooks will highlight students with unsigned IHP's and allow the teacher to sign them. Other staff (not using Gradebook) will be able to sign from the Signatures screen under Student Data.

The user must have the staff member that they are using in the gradebook marked as representing them.

Where can users sign off on IHPs?

Staff can sign the IHP's on the Student Data>Modify Student>Signature screen or from within the Gradebook.

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