Report 9210 NJ Family Care

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9210 NJ Family Care

NJ Family Care


Report Parameter


Only include students from this school: (Blank for All Schools)

This will limit the report to students from the selected school.  If left blank, and the following option is also blank, only schools that are marked "In District" and "Include in State Reporting" will be included in the report.

or Run for these school codes (Separate with comma: SCH1,SCH2)

Any school code placed in this field will be used in this report. This can be used if you have schools that you want included that are not marked as In District and counting in State Reporting.  If you enter data into this field, ONLY STUDENTS IN SCHOOLS THAT ARE ENTERED WILL BE ON THIS REPORT.  School codes must be entered with a comma between them (ex: HS,MS,OOD).

Ignore 'Share Free/Reduced Lunch Info' field...

If "Yes" then this column will always display student's current lunch code. By default, the Free and Reduced Lunch column will only display lunch code for students with Yes for "Share Free/Reduced Lunch Information" field under Demographics.Categories screen.

Include Students with UNKNOWN...

If "Yes" then report will also include students with a value of "Unknown" set for their "Release to NJ Family Care" field on the Modify Student.Medical.Health Record screen.

Source of Data

Database Table

Genesis Object








Has Med Insurance, Insurance Provider, and Release to NJ Family Care fields.



Legal Residence



Legal Residence/Home Contact record. This is the record that fills in the parents first and last name fields.

File Description


Sample Output

Data Source

Parent First Name


Contacts2: Guardian1.First Name
 Old: LR/Home. First Name

Parent Last Name


Contacts2: Guardian1.Last Name
 Old: LR/Home. Last Name

Street 1

1515 Mockingbird Lane.

Contacts2: StudentContact2Summary studentMailingLine1
 Old: LR mailingLine1 

Street 2

Apartment 13

Contacts2: StudentContact2Summary studentMailingLine2
 Old: LR mailingLine2

City of Residence

Mockingbird Heights

Contacts2: StudentContact2Summary studentHomeCity
 Old: LR city 

Zip Code


Contacts2: StudentContact2Summary studentHomeZip
 Old: LR / zip 

Home Telephone


Contacts2: StudentContact2Summary guardian1HomePhone
 Old: LR/Home Phonenumber 

Other Telephone

Contacts2 Only.  Grabs next available number (cell phone or work phone or guardian2 primary)

First Name



Last Name



Date of Birth



Free Reduced Rate Lunch...

Defaults to N (Non Enrollment; pay full price).
Looks for most recent open LunchTrackingRecord.
F = Any Free Code
R = Any Reduced Code
 (Make sure flags on Student Data.Lunch.Setup.Codes are correct) 

  • Will be N if "Share Free Reduced Information" is No or Unknown on student's Category screen.

Health Insurance Status

StudentMedicalInfo for student.
N if If record has HealthInsuranceProvider blank AND HealthInsurance is set to False
 Otherwise blank 



Exports data to an .xlsx file for transmission to NJ FamilyCare. This report includes all students with an enrollment status of ACTIVE and are in schools that have the following criteria:

School Parameter


In District School


Include students in state reporting


In order to qualify for the report, students must have either No or a blank value for "Has Med Insurance?" field on the Student Data Modify Student.Medical.Health Record screen.

Students must also have an insurance provider code of UN (Unknown) or a blank value for "Insurance Provider" field on the Student Data Modify Student.Medical.Health Record screen. 

This report will exclude any Students that have a value of No for "Release to NJ Family Care?" field on the Student Data Modify Student.Medical.Health Record screen. 

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