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In place of a written text field, it's possible to select Street from a dropdown list instead, when editing student addresses. This can benefit the district in two ways:

  • Street Names will be consistent across all students. For example, there are several students who all live on "Main Street". However, if the street name fields are text-based, you may see them each having a different spelling due to users entering the data inconsistently: "Main Street", "Main St.", "main st", "Main strt", etc. - this makes it impossible to search ALL students who live on that street. When you implement code-based street names, this is not an issue.
  • Ability to register students based on Street Address. This is helpful for districts with multiple schools housing the same grade levels, as it is used to automatically enroll the student into the correct school. Once the Street Map has been implemented, simply select the Grade Level and Street for the student you are registering, and Genesis will select the appropriate school to enroll them into. This is optional. If you simply want all streets to be listed in a dropdown without registering students based on street, this is possible by developing a list of your streets in Genesis, but disabling the setting to register students based on street. 

How does this look on Address Records?

Before the Street Map is Created...

After the Street Map is Created...

When entering Street Name...

  • When Street Name is selected from the dropdown list, City, State, and Zip are automatically filled in. This requires zip codes to be placed on the street codes when added.
  • If street name is not listed, you may check the Override box to manually type in a street name.
  • When the district's list of Streets is first implemented, ALL addresses will be set with the Override box to allow text-based street names to show. This is because all existing street addresses were typed by hand.

When Registering a Student by Street Address...

For districts that do not register students based on address, this feature is optional:

  • If the Use Street Map setting is enabled, you will see the above form appear when registering a new student. This must be completed before you're able to continue onto the normal Registration screens.
  • Genesis will automatically assign the appropriate school after clicking Next. You will see the School Name populated on the following screen...
  • The School Name auto-populated by the system can be overridden if you need to enroll the student into a different school. After clicking Next you will be taken through the usual registration process. 

See a step-by-step guide on how to Register a New Student into Genesis...

What are the Next Steps?

Here's a basic outline of the steps needed to implement a Street Map (list of street codes in Genesis):

  1.  Retrieve a list of the district's street names. An Excel spreadsheet is recommended.
  2.  Download the Street Map import template from Genesis and populate with your street names.
  3.  Import your street map file into Genesis.
  4.  Ensure all existing address records are set with the Override checkbox. You can reach out to Genesis Support to have this mass-set for every student in your district. Note: This is required in order to display addresses, street names will appear to be blank if this is not done.
  5.  Optional:  Update each student's address with the appropriate Street Code from the drop down list of streets.
  6.  Only if students should be registered into the school based on address: Activate the Use Street Map Screen setting via Registration > Setup > Settings

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